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About us

About us

  For an enterprise, factories and equipment are its bones providing energy, while corporate culture is its spiritual power showing the company’s appearance. Technology can strengthen bones, while culture can nurture spiritual power. In terms of development, Yu Guangyuan, an economist, said: “The third-rate enterprises rely on production; the second-rate marketing; the first-rate culture.” Greatoo always regards its corporate culture as an important recourse advantage. In its process of development, Greatoo has gradually formed its individual management idea that “Humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is more important than individual value; social value is more important than corporate culture; customers’ value is more important than profit value” and relevant corporate culture. The company takes the responsibility for customers, shareholders, society and the whole country; the country is also responsible for products, each procedures of the production, each worker and workers’ family members. What the company pursues is the mutual development of society, customers, enterprises, shareholders and workers. The company has set up various cultural activities for workers to show their talents and self-value, which strengthens the communication and interaction between workers and the company, cultivating teamwork and improving the cooperation between workers. The standards of “high starting point, high grade and high profits” and the core idea of “higher, faster, stronger and better” motivate each workers and  infiltrate the management of the company, which allows each worker to develop their ability in the development process of the company and the company to fully show its potential, always driving the development of the company. Greatoo’s corporate culture includes common values, determination of starting business, awareness of competition, teamwork and brand building, which is fully shown in the company’s material culture, behaviour culture, system culture and spiritual culture.

Spiritual culture

Spiritual culture is the core of corporate culture and a factor influencing ideas, including management ideas, enterprise spirit, theories of management, corporate ethics, way of thinking, value criteria, aesthetic ideas and cultural quality. Spiritual culture is the essence and soul of corporate culture, which needs a long time to nurture.

The core of corporate culture

Humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is more

important than individual valueSocial value is more important than corporate value;

customers’ value is more important than profit value

Corporate spirit

Love the motherland, love the company, the labor, justice, justice, take honestly as this, their 
lattice duties, strives for the survival by the quality, To the credibility of development, dignity, 
with innovationto create in the struggle for the international first-class level.

10 standards for workers
  • >Finish tasks the first time the tasks are assigned
  • >Pay attention to trivial things
  • >Persist in making innovations
  • >Try to satisfy customers
  • >Take responsibility for the team’s goal
  • >Create value as much as possible
  • >Relate oneself to the company
  • >Maximize create value
  • >The company's business is my business
  • >Pay attention to the company’s images and use business etiquette
The company’s pledge
  • >Quality first. Rely on quality to run the company and rely on reputation to develop the company
  • >Higher, faster, stronger and better
  • >to be in the same industry leader, creating the international first-class level.
The company’s management idea

Information first. Reputation first. Efficiency first. Benefits first

The company should make the full use of all human resources, financial resources, technological resources and information resources; the company should provide excellent products and best service for customers. The company should regard new high-tech as its central power, be directed by domestic market and view international market as its carrier. The company should develop a radial tire mold manufacturing base featuring high starting points, high grade, high profits and advanced level in the world.
Quality policy
Take the lead in quality. Rely on quality to run the company. Rely on reputation to develop the company. Focus on customers
Quality objectives
The company should rely on the progress of technology, optimize product structure, give priority to tire molds, the company’s main products, keep improving technology and inventing technology, develop the first-rate quality and meet the national standards of products. The company should try its best to adopt international standard to improve the quality of the products.