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About us

  For an enterprise, factories and equipment are its bones providing energy, while corporate culture is its spiritual power showing the company’s appearance. Technology can strengthen bones, while culture can nurture spiritual power. In terms of development, Yu Guangyuan, an economist, said: “The third-rate enterprises rely on production; the second-rate marketing; the first-rate culture.” Greatoo always regards its corporate culture as an important recourse advantage. In its process of development, Greatoo has gradually formed its individual management idea that “Humans’ value is more important than things’ value; common value is more important than individual value; social value is more important than corporate culture; customers’ value is more important than profit value” and relevant corporate culture. The company takes the responsibility for customers, shareholders, society and the whole country; the country is also responsible for products, each procedures of the production, each worker and workers’ family members. What the company pursues is the mutual development of society, customers, enterprises, shareholders and workers. The company has set up various cultural activities for workers to show their talents and self-value, which strengthens the communication and interaction between workers and the company, cultivating teamwork and improving the cooperation between workers. The standards of “high starting point, high grade and high profits” and the core idea of “higher, faster, stronger and better” motivate each workers and  infiltrate the management of the company, which allows each worker to develop their ability in the development process of the company and the company to fully show its potential, always driving the development of the company. Greatoo’s corporate culture includes common values, determination of starting business, awareness of competition, teamwork and brand building, which is fully shown in the company’s material culture, behaviour culture, system culture and spiritual culture.

The Party branch   the system of “Three-meeting, One-lesson”

The system of “Three-meeting, One-lesson” is an effective measure to improve the construction of the Party branch and regular activities, strengthen party member management and member education.
1. “Three-meeting, One-lesson”: regularly hold the meetings of the Party branch committee, general meetings of all Party members, group Party meetings and Party classes.
2. The meetings of the Party branch committee: the meeting should be held every month to learn from Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, Thought of Three Represents, theline, principles and policies of the Party and the spirit of the documents from Party committee of the higher level, and discuss the work of the Party branch with consideration of the practical situations.
3. General meetings of all Party members: the meeting should be held every half a year to organize and arrange the work of the Party branch, listen to Party members’ opinions, discuss and decide the development of Party members and choose the regular members.
4. Group Party meetings: the meeting should be held every month to make reports, learn from documents, implement the resolution of the party, criticism and self-criticism.
5. Party classes: the company should take Party classes every half a year. In the meeting, the company should combine theory and practice, strengthen the education of Party members, improve the strength of the Party members and maintain the advancement of the Party members.

The advanced standard of the CCP members

The advanced standard of the CCP members from senior leaders
Preserve one’s belief and produce excellent performance; be diligent and honest and serve the overall interest
Forge ahead and be the first to set an example; be united and practical and care for the interest of the mess
The advanced standards of CCP members from middle leaders
Preserve one’s belief and take practical actions; be honest and self-disciplined and be impartial
Manage the company in an innovative way and produce excellent business; serve the overall interests and be willing to make sacrifices
The advanced standards of normal CCP members
Preserve one’s belief and be loyal and practical; be honest and be good at studying
Love one’s job and be willing to make sacrifices; be the first to set an example

The Party branch’s demands for members to hand in Party membership dues

1. Membership dues must be paid in person. If it’s difficult for one to hand in the dues in person, one can delegate other Party member or family members to hand in dues only when the Party branch agrees.
2. Membership dues must be paid on time. Generally, dues are monthly. Payment in advance or repayment is not accepted. If there are special situations, like on a business trip or going abroad, members can pay in advance or later only when the the Party branch agrees. Without proper reasons, membership will be canceled if membership dues are not paid for continuous 6 months.
3. Membership dues must be paid according to rules. Without special circumstances or authorization, membership dues should not be reduced. If members are in difficulties, they can make an application to hand in less or not hand in dues only when the Party agrees. Besides for the regulated membership dues, Party members can hand it extra dues as much as they want
4. The Party branch should carefully manage membership dues and hand them in timely. The Party branch should announce the total number of the membership dues, informing members who haven’t paid in time, seriously criticizing members who don’t pay membership dues without proper reasons and punishing those who don’t correct their mistakes.

The system of the regular meetings of the Party branch

As an indispensable part of the construction of the Party, the meetings of the Party branch will make an summary of the branch’s work during different stages, reflect Party members’ thoughts, discuss and determine the role of the Party branch.

The system of the regular meetings of the Party branch

Present members: the whole Party members and flowing Party members
Meeting Location: the office of the Party branch
Meeting time: every month

The content of the meeting:

1. Convey the suggestions and guidance of the municipal Party committee and country Party committee
2. Analyze the current situations and problems of the Party construction in Greatoo
3. Make a summary of the work of the former stage and draw a lesson from experiences
4. Arrange the individual work and responsibility for next stage

Meeting requirements

1. The meeting should reflect practical problems, be efficient and serious and have a lively atmosphere
2. The meeting should be start on time and strictly check attendance
3. The Party branch is responsible for recording the content of the meeting