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Forge Ahead for Win-Win

It was Nov. 27th 2017, a sunny day when Helmut De Roovere, the CEO of Greatoo’s Belgium subsidiary——RoboJob NV visited Greatoo headquarter in Jieyang. Helmut was welcomed by Chairman Wu Chaozhong, Director Yang Yujun and Investment Director Xie Chuanghong. All parties were involved in a friendly and deep communication. RoboJob NV, the leader of industrial automation in Europe, is located in the Antwerp region, Belgium. The integrated standardized production of Machine tending system is widely used in machining and represents the state-of-the-art automation level in this field. Over these years, Robojob has built a long term relationship with famous machine tool suppliers.
It’s the second time for Helmut to visit Jieyang. He introduced the current business performance of RoboJob with Greatoo’s management team and both parties shared ideas about their experience in business management and business development, like personnel pool buildup, corporate development planning etc. Chairman Wu encouraged a sustained effort on helping RoboJob to thrive.  As family companies sharing the same goal, Greato is happy to support RoboJob. Chairman Wu suggested to RoboJob’s highly skilled team pay rise, learning & training opportunities and knowledge development programs. Meanwhile, the pace of talents attraction should be speed up in order to further extend the qualified and skilled team. Helmut expressed the same opinion and he also indicated that currently the internal communication of Robojob was very satisfying while everyone was extremely motivated and strived for the given adjective

Both parties are satisfied with mutual cooperation and will forge ahead for win-win under the support of great Greatoo.