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"ODG-1500 / 4X High-Speed Engraving and Milling Machining Center" Project of Greatoo Passed the Appraisal of Scientific and Technological Achievements

On November 28, Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society organized and presided over the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements of "ODG-1500 / 4X high-speed engraving and milling machining center" project in Guangzhou. Zheng Xuxu, the president of our company, Yang Yujun, the general manager, Cai Hansheng manager, and deputy director, Hongfu and other chief staff of the project team were involved in the identification meeting.
"ODG-1500 / 4X high-speed engraving and milling machining center" was completed by the Greatoo and its subsidiary in Guangzhou, Guangdong Polytechnic Institute, together with the Greatoo (China&Germany) Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is new high-end mold processing equipment, independently developed by Greatoo after a comprehensive analysis and market research. What’s more, it has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, strong stability and good consistency of processed products and it can meet the need of complex pattern of tire sidewall and the normal processing of radiation, so it can promote the company to occupy high-end mold market and further optimize customer resources, improve the visibility of company. The Appraisal Committee composed of leading experts from well-known colleges and universities, research institutions and machinery manufacturing industry, earnestly listened to the project technical work summary report, inspected the scene, and conducted a question. After full discussion, the appraisal committee unanimously considered that the overall technology of the project achievements reached the international advanced level and agreed to pass the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements.

In the course of its development, Greatoo always regards the craftsmanship of technological innovation and process improvement as the core of its sustainable development. After this appraisal, the company will combine the opinions of experts on the product, to improve and innovate the product continuously.