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2018 Campus Lecture of Greatoo in Guangdong University of Technology

November is the job hunting peak of 2018 college graduates, but also a good time for enterprise to recruit talent. On November 19, under the leadership of Wu Yingxiong, the Human Resources Officer, the HR Department Specialist of our company took part in the jobfair of Guangdong University of Technology and successfully held a campus lecture on the night of November 20.
In this campus lectures, our main job positions are HRSupervisor and purchaser of Greatoo(Guangzhou)Research Institute, robot software development engineers, visual software engineers, mechanical technicians, robot mechanical engineers, mechanical design, investment and development senior staff and so on. On the 19th, our booth attracted a lot of students to sign up, and many of whom are graduate students and master's students from various colleges and universities. During the recruitment process, the colleague in charge of recruitment cooperate with each other, talked with the students face-to-face to fully understand their internship experience, professional knowledge, career goals and project experience, as well as explain the wages, promotion of space, work environment and other issues for job seekers in detail. In addition, qualified job seekers were invited to participate in next day's lectures to learn more about Greatoo.
On the evening of the 20th, the Greatoo Presentation Conference was held in Building 6, the Teaching Building of Guangdong University of Technology. Director Wu Yingxiong acted as the presenter, and nearly 100 students participated in the lecture. Director Wu shared his experience in career planning from the three aspects of environment, conditions and platforms, and pointed out the directions for confused students. At the same time, he introduced the company's five major advantages to the students, as well as the core products, research and development directions, recruitment requirements of the industrial robots of Greatoo, arousing the interest and attention of the students in the field. After the lecture, the students were striving for the first to ask related issues, and combined with their own job requirements to delivery resumes, and then participated in on-site written examination.

The campus recruitment and lecture received a warm response of the school students and further enhance the awareness of Greatoo. The Company will select the excellent among a large number of job seekers, which will bring new impetus for the development of the company.