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The Industrial Base of Greatoo (China&Germany) Industrial 4.0 Increase Investment to Improve Production Capacity, Speed Up the Construction of Intelligent Manufacturing Base


The technician of the base is manipulating the robot

The industrial base of Greatoo (China&Germany) Industrial 4.0 , located in the Sino-German metal eco-city, having the intelligent equipment industry which is of greatprospective and strategic significance of Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.,and the first comprehensive investment of the base is about 460 million yuan. And as we all know, the base was built in May, and tried to produce in June this year. After more than two months of trial production, according to the good market situation, the base increase investment to purchase equipment, to expand and improve production capacity, and the second phase of the project is scheduled to be completed and put into useby the end of 2018.
Combining with parallel construction and cross construction to make the first phase of the basebe built in 8 months
The industrial base of Greatoo (China&Germany) Industrial 4.0 is near mountain and beautiful, and the office buildingconnected with the intelligent plant has the functions of robot display and scientific research, the main plant is a intelligent production workshop with four reinforced concrete structure, which is up to 100 meters (length) × 100 meters (width), and its single-layer net is up to 9 meters and it was installed crane and other mechanical equipment.
Talking about the construction of the base , vice president of Greatoo, Wu Hao , who is the project leader of the leading groupin the construction, has a deep feeling.According to his introduction, due to the tight schedule, the construction is difficult.In order to complete the construction with quality and quantity, under the leadership of the board of directors, the construction of leading groups paid great attention to time awareness, efficiency awareness and quality awareness. The leading group coordinated the design, construction, supervision and other participating units, to confirm the standards, time and plans to optimize the allocation of construction resources, in addition, combined with parallel construction and cross construction, and finally, the first phase of the project was complete in only 8 months.
Wu Hao told reporters that the main project of the base is a high-rise industrial buildings, including the construction of reinforced concrete high-rise plant (single nearly 10,000 square meters), large-span heavy steel plant, with a total construction area of nearly 60,000 square meters.What’s more, we comprehensively improve the road network, power supply, water supply, green and other ancillary works. He believes that the first phase of the base project can be completed with highspeed, high efficiency and high quality, thanks to the municipal government attaches great importance to the project and the strong support to the Sino-German metal eco-city from relevant departments at all levels, but also benefit from good planning design, construction management, quality control, the good use of fundsother aspects, in addition, to select the construction team with rich experience and sufficient engineering resourcesfor the building construction is also of great importance.
Building 4.0 industrial base and producing complete sets of intelligent equipment
Walking into the exhibition hall of the base, we can see the technical staff are editing robot program, and the automated robot equipment is playing chess with a delicate action, it is amazing.
Reporters learned that the Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has made initial achievements in the intelligent manufacturing industry, and has became a backbone enterprises in the field of industrial robots in Guangdong Province, as well as included in the intelligent manufacturing demonstration base by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and became the robottraining base ofMinistry of Education.It is said that AGV intelligent car conveying materials, intelligent robot do help to production, and intelligent automated production line replace the artificial production line and will promote enterprises to unmanned production. Greatoo can develop different intelligent manufacturing schemes for different industries, solve the problems of environment, space and personnel encountered in the production processeffectively, avoid production risks, improve production efficiency, and fully meet the needs of large-scale customization and individualized production.
According to the introduction of Wu Hao, the investment and construction of the base in the Sino-German metal eco-city, whichtake intelligent manufacturing as characteristic , is a major initiative to promote the high-speed and long-term development of strategic emerging industries. The base will absorb the technology of Germany (Europe) advanced industry 4.0, to carry out the key technology research and development of industry 4.0, and to take ultra-precision CNC machine tools, industrial robots as the carrier,take reducer, controller, flexible manufacturing technology and artificial intelligence workshop production system as the core. What’s more, the base will produce a series of light load, heavy six degrees of freedom of industrial robots, high-precision machining centers, automated warehouse, flexible automatic production lines and other intelligent equipment,and plan to form an annual output of reducer, controller and visual systems and other core key components 6000 sets, various types of industrial robots 8000 units, fixed, mobile automation sets of intelligent equipment 3000 sets.
Wu Hao said that the Greatoo will cooperate with Germany (Europe) in the field of talent, technology, industry, capital and other fields, make a good use of Jieyang Sino-German cooperation zone as well as the advantages of location and policy guidance, and than to promote the innovation and development of intelligent equipment industry, to make the industrial base of Greatoo (China&Germany) Industrial 4.0 become the leading domestic and international advanced intelligent manufacturing base, as well as a business card of Guangdong Province and China's industrial robot industry. In order to achieve the goal, the development of the industrial base of Greatoo (China&Germany) Industrial 4.0 needs talent. And in the introduction of talent, Greatoo will use the brand advantage of the national technological innovation demonstration enterprises and the national key high-tech enterprise, through the existing post-doctoral workstations, academicians workstations, national technology centers, national and local joint engineering centers and other research institutions, to attract scientific research personnel; at the same time, to improve the income of the core technical staff, and allow them to hold the company's shares, in addition, to continuously improve the professional skills and broaden the staff's professional space by professional training, making enterprises and employees to form a community of interests, business and fate.