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Series reports of talent about the city to deepen the reform of talent development system--Academician Chen Xiaoming: To hold up a sky for the Greatoo

Createtime:2017-09-25Source:Jieyang DailyEdit:Wang Manhua
hen Xiaoming, born in Jieyang, is now a Academic Divisions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,and the director of the Ministry of Education KeyLaboratoryofbio-inorganic and synthetic chemistry. He has won the National Natural Science Award two prize once and the Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Award first prize twice, and has won the the "Outstanding Young Scholars Award" of Hong Kong Science and Technology Foundation, the fifth "China Youth Science and Technology Award", and the "National Outstanding teachers" of Ministry of Education and other personal awards. He joined the innovation team of Greatoo in 2013, and established chemical materials and technology academician workstation of Greatoo. And the academician workstation he let, has become a giant force to implement the innovation development of the Greatoo.
Do research need perseverence
Scientific research is a long-term work. Chen Xiaoming said that it need to endure loneliness and spend long time to do research; at the same time, imagination, creativity, practice, interest, and the ability of asking questions and solving problems are of great importance.
In the study of molecular design, synthesis and structure and performance of functional metal complexes and polymeric metal complexes of supramolecule systems, Chen Xiao-ming focuses on the synthesis chemistry and crystal engineering research of microporous coordination polymers, magnetic coordination polymers, dynamic coordination polymers and luminescent compounds, and developed solvent thermal metal / ligand reaction methods. He found more than 10 kinds of metal induced organic reaction, and applied them to the controllable assembly of microporous structure coordination polymers, which promotes the application of "solvent thermal metal / ligand reaction" in the synthesis of heterocyclic organic compounds. The current use of high-pressure cylinders to store hydrogen, not only cost a lot, but also easy to explode. His team is constantly doing experiments, once achieved a high-density storage of hydrogen, it can be used as a clean energy for vehicles, and it is very helpful for the energy industry in the future.
Gather talent to promotecreativity
Since the establishment of chemical materials and technical academician workstation of Greatoo, Academician Chen Xiaoming has led his team to carry out the industry and enterprise development strategy consulting and technical guidance for the company's development strategy direction and technology. They set up a platform for technological innovation, carried out research on major key technologies and common technologies, as well as the development of major innovative products, cultivate independent intellectual property rights and independent brands for rubber machinery and materials industry in Guangdong Province. What’s more, they bring scientific and technological achievements for the company and transform them in the workstations and enterprises, helping the company establish the doctorandmasterexperimentandresearch and developmentbase, training a number of high-level scientific research leader for the company.
Promoting development under the right leadership
Under the leadership of Chen Xiaoming, the chemical materials and technical academician workstation of Greatoo completed the following three topics: The research of "high-efficiency thermal insulation materials" have successfully developed a new type of durable insulation material with good thickness and good thermal insulation and environmental protection. It can be used in construction and industrial facilities. Insulation material has a good economic benefits and thermal insulation, in addition, it is energy saving and its construction is simple, so more and more people favor it; the project on "curing machine center institutions high temperature resistant dynamic sealing material" successfully developed anti-aging new dynamic seals with the friction performance has improved significantly , effectively reduce the friction of the machine operation, greatly improving the life of the curing machine; "the research on surface strengthening technology of radial tire mold"  has also successfully developed the tire mold without changing the accuracy and improve its corrosion resistance and friction characteristics.
The workstation led by Chen Xiaoming , played a support and lead role of high-level scientific and technological experts, successfully promoted the  innovation development of the Greatoo. Under the joint efforts of both schools and enterprises, to the date of December 2016, the workstations formed two technical standards, applied for two invention patents, four utility model patents, and formed three new products, as well as trained 15 talent.