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Jieyang Municipal Committee Secretary Li Shuihua, Mayor Ye Niuping and His Entourage Went to Guangzhou to Investigate the Greatoo(Guangzhou) Research Institute

On the afternoon of January 31, Li Shuihua, secretary of the Jieyang municipal committee, chairman of the municipal people's congress standing committee, together with Ye Niuping, the deputy secretary and the mayor, led their party to visit and investigate the Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, and received the warm reception of Wu Chaozhong, chairman of our company, Jiang Qiulin,the consultant, and Hong Runlong, the director.

Chairman Wu introduced that, under the strong support of Jieyang municipal committee, municipal government and the Jiedong district committee, district government and other municipal departments, the company achieved from product investment to industrial investment and then to strategic investment. In 2009, Greatoo responded to the call of "going out" of the municipal party committee and carried out overseas investment. Nowadays, Greatoo already has "three fives". The first is the five major formats: radial tire mold, tire curing machine, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, Pan-financial; the second is the five bases: Beijing, Qingdao, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Guangzhou; the third is the five foreign companies: the United States, Germany, India, Israel, Belgium.

In the course of its development, Greatoo deeply rooted in the concept of scientific and technological innovation, and introduced the world's leading source code technology to solve the problems of current control systems and precision manufacturing technologies which restrict the development of domestic robots and intelligent equipment. The company's RV reducer, polishing grinding center is in the industry-leading position, what’s more, the polishing and grinding center has excellent environmental performance, and it not only liberate workers from the polluting environment, but also has significant stability and high pass rate. And Greato was identified as the leading domestic provider in polishing and grinding by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as well as won the title of national intelligence manufacturing demonstration base, and became one of innovative enterprises combining Internet and industrial. In addition, as the winning product of "The 13th International Machine Tool Show in Beijing", the Greatoo ODG-500 / 4X high-speed engraving and milling machining center has won three international patents and boosted the brand "ODG" with its outstanding core technology emerging in the international market.

After hearing the introduction of Chairman Wu, Li Shuihua, the secretary, said that robot automation is a key industry promoted by the state. Its core technology has long been monopolized by European and American countries. The RV reducer of Greatoo nowadays is close to Japan's international standards and can be fully implemented domestically instead of imported products. Li encouraged Greatoo to continue extending the industrial chain, expanding the industrial sharing platform, deepening the industrial layout, accelerating the industrialization upgrade and increasing the market share, and integrating the core components of the high-level industrial chain into cities with suitable conditions in combination with the industrial features of all regions.
Mayor Ye highly affirmed the development strategy of the company to establish a polished grinding platform. In response to instructions from secretary Li and mayor Ye, Wu said that Greatoo will do better and help China make the transformation and upgrading and strive to be the promoter of "Made in China 2025".
After the investigation, the guests and their party went to the office of the Jieyang city government in Guangzhou to attend a tea party, the natives of Jieyang who now living in Guangzhou participated in it and discussed the development of the hometown. At the tea party, the secretary Li Shuihua, on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government as well as the 7 million fellow villagers, expressed his heart-felt thanks to the vast number of outstanding contributions made by the expatriates to the development of their hometown. He pointed out that the economic growth of Jieyang must integrate and mobilize the resources both at home and abroad, and must actively introduce funds, projects and technologies from other countries as well as strive for policies, projects and financial support from the senior government. He called for the vast number of people who went out to work to support the various undertakings of their hometowns as always. While promoting the return of the industries, everyone should also make use of their intellectual and resource advantages and made valuable suggestions on the development of their hometown, as well as made more publicity and promotion of the investment environment in their hometowns.
As an entrepreneur's representative, chairman Wu expressed his gratitude and encouragement to all support for the entrepreneurship from Jieyang municipal committee and government, and highly appreciated the blessing brought by the secretary Li Shuihua for Jieyang citizens. Chairman Wu said that the transformation of Greatoo from basic equipment to intelligent equipment is leading the progress rather than being led by progress, which is enough to prove that the municipal government and local political parties at all levels attach great importance to promote good culture and actively create conditions for the development of enterprises, such as the provide excellent government environment, social environment, market environment and so on.

At the meeting, chairman Wu responded to the call of the municipal committee and government to encourage participating entrepreneurs to devote themselves actively to the development of their hometowns, and take the lead in feeding their hometown for the rejuvenation and development of their hometown. The chairman said that hometown will always be the root of the enterprise outside. In the new tide of industrial development of Jieyang, Greatoo ferry will also be a powerful promoter to promote its development and hope more enterprises to join us!