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Chief Engineer of Greatoo, Zeng Xuzhao was Elected as the "Most Beautiful Scientific and Technological Worker"


Createtime: 2021-05-28

On May 28, on the occasion of the fifth "National Science and Technology Workers' Day", Jieyang City held the 2021 "National Science and Technology Workers" Symposium to commend the 10 annual "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers" and inspire the vast number of scientific and technological workers forge ahead, pioneer and innovate, and constantly create a new situation in technology innovation and development. As one of the 10 "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers" awarded, Chief Engineer Zeng Xuzhao of our company attended the symposium and delivered a speech.

The symposium announced the list of "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers" in Jieyang City in 2021. In addition to Zeng Xuzhao, there are also 10 people including Zhou Zhikai, Qiu Xinghong, Lin Junwei, Lin Guifa, Feng Shunhong, Huang Qiongshan, Sun Leilong, Lin Yuru, and Lin Ruobo won the title of "Most Beautiful Science and Technology Workers" in Jieyang. Zhuang Jianer, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, and leaders of the Municipal Civilization Office, the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau issued certificates of honor to the above-mentioned winners and extended their holiday greetings and lofty respect to the vast number of scientific and technological workers in the city.

At the meeting, Mr. Zeng talked freely about his award-winning experience and his opinions and suggestions on the scientific and technological innovation. He believes that innovation is the first driving force leading development. Innovation is an important force that promotes national development, is the main force that promotes local economic development, and is the basis for enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises. As scientific and technological workers, our historical mission is to persist in innovating and transform scientific and technological achievements into productive forces to promote social and economic development. Mr. Zeng said that he will continue to uphold the mission of a scientific and technological worker, forge ahead in future work, and lead the scientific and technological team to a higher level. He believes that in the future, Jieyang will surely continue to emerge batches of more beautiful and better talents in science and technology.

As a proponent of the spirit of scientists in the new era, we hope that the majority of scientific and technological workers in the city will grasp the "Two Overall Situations" and strive to be participants in promoting the innovation and development of Jieyang, making contributions and demonstrating deeds in the new round of innovation and development of our city; It is necessary to strengthen science popularization, strive to be a pioneer in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, consciously combine scientific research with popular science, and improve the scientific quality of the whole people; It is necessary to cultivate morality, strive to be the defender of a good academic ecology, continue to maintain a love for scientific undertakings, promote a good style of study, consciously practice the core values of socialism, willingly serve as a ladder for others, promote future learning, and play a good role in spreading and guiding.

It is understood that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, and effectively strengthened the construction of scientific and technological talents. The city's scientific and technological innovation undertakings have achieved rapid development. Last year, there were 186 high-tech enterprises in the city (a year-on-year increase of 17%), 65 provincial-level engineering centers, 3 provincial-level key laboratories, 2 provincial-level new research and development institutions, and 236 municipal-level engineering centers (a year-on-year increase of 48.4%) , 4 technology business incubators, 8 Makerspaces, 2 national-level "Star Creation World", and 2 provincial-level "Star Creation World", which effectively promoted the city's innovation drive and the construction of a strong industrial city.