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Greatoo Implements Investor Protection


Createtime: 2021-05-15

In order to further promote a rational investment culture and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, the China Securities Regulatory Commission established May 15 every year as the "National Investor Protection Publicity Day" in 2019. Organize and mobilize all parties across the country to cooperate with each other to actively carry out various forms of investor protection activities, so that the concept of investor protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and become everyone's conscious action; In addition, through the establishment of the "National Investor Protection Publicity Day", a long-term mechanism for investor protection work has been established that is led by the regulatory authorities, linked with relevant departments, the industry takes the initiative to take responsibility, and the public actively participates.

According to the theme of this year's "5.15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day"-"Caring for Investors and Acting Together-Learning Party History, Observing the Original Heart, and Doing Practical Things for Investors", Greatoo focuses on the new "Securities Law" and "Criminal Law Amendment (11)" and other laws and regulations provide investors with risk warnings and publicity. The "Investor Protection" column opened in the "Investor Relations" section of the company's website; the "5•15 National Investor Protection Publicity Day" poster was produced and posted on the company's internal publicity column; the electronic screen was used to scroll the investor protection publicity slogan, conduct publicity and education to all employees of the company; forward the investor education content of the investor protection column opened by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the company website to expand the coverage of online publicity; communicate and interact with investors through dedicated mailboxes and telephone lines, and actively guide investment a correct understanding of the capital market and a healthy investment concept of "rational investment, long-term investment, and value investment". In conjunction with the "Shareholders Are Coming" 2021 investor rights knowledge contest held by the CSI Small and Medium-sized Investor Service Center, Greatoo also actively mobilized employees to participate to popularize the knowledge of investor rights protection, model and lead all sectors of the society and investors to fully understand their rights, actively exercise rights, and safeguard rights in accordance with the law.

Looking back on the history of red finance in China, from the birth of the red stocks of the Anyuan Road Mining Workers Consumer Cooperative to the establishment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, to the 30-year development of this magnificent capital market, it can be said that the Chinese securities market has developed into one of the largest capital markets in the world. It is inseparable from the participation of 180 million investors, so it is the duty of all capital market entities to protect investors, especially small and medium investors. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party. Investor protection in the capital market is an important action to implement the specific requirements of the people. The series of investor protection activities carried out by Greatoo is also an important theme for the company's 100th anniversary of the founding of the party.

Investor protection activities are a long-lasting work. The company will actively carry out various forms of investor legal rights protection work, continue to strengthen communication with investors, continuously improve investor relations and the company's operation and management level, and actively participate in joint construction a good ecosystem for the healthy and sustainable development of the capital market.