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Greatoo Employee Support Center Visited Employees Injured at Work on the Eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival


Createtime: 2020-09-29

With the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, when the virus is ruthless and poisoning China, Greatoo is advancing through difficulties, like thousands of companies.

At this moment, warmth is even more important. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, a familiar team-Greatoo Employee Support Center, is also full of love and blessings on the road of condolences and visits.

From September 28th to 29th, the Employee Support Center carefully prepared moon cakes and other festive items, and went to the homes of employees who were injured at work to carry out condolences. The sympathizers communicated cordially with the injured employees, cared about their recovery and family life, thanked them for their hard work for the big family of Greatoo, and sent the sincere holiday blessings. On September 29, the Employee Support Center also invited employee representatives to come to the forum and asked about everyone's work status. The colleagues who received the condolences all expressed their sincere gratitude and expressed that in the next period of time, they will be active and optimistic to recover and continue to make their own contributions to the big family.

The success and performance of Greatoo are inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees. They are serious and dedicated in their work and are not afraid of difficulties and dangers. The Employee Support Center upholds the company's consistent purpose, sending warmth to the hearts of more people, and deeply implements the concept of "a family, one heart, one energy, one goal, and the Greatoo of happiness". In the future, we will continue to spur ourselves, spread warmth, and help build a Greatoo with more harmony and happiness.