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Greatoo Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Guangdong Supply and Marketing Group toJointly Promote the Construction of the Backbone Network of Cold Chain Logistics Infrastructure in the Province


Createtime: 2020-10-15

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of important instructions given by general secretary Jinping to the work of supply and marketing cooperatives, as well as the spirit of instructions issued by the leaders of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.and the Guangdong Provincial Supply and Marketing Group recently reached a relevant strategic cooperation agreement, andthe signing ceremony was held on October 13.ChairmanWu Chaozhong , president Zheng Xuxu, Yang Yujun, general manager of Greatoo(Guangzhou), Hong Fu, deputy director of the National Technology Center of Greatoo, and member of the Party Group and deputy director of the Council of Guangdong Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial Supply and Marketing Group Yang Zhijian, Zou Ning, general manager of Provincial Supply and Marketing Group, Huang Xiaoping, chairman of Tianye Cold Chain Group, and Li Chunbo, deputy general manager, attended the signing ceremony.



Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has consistently adhered to the equipment manufacturing industry for 29 years, and now has four major business formats: radial tire molds, high-precision hydraulic vulcanizing presses, precision CNC machine tools, and industrial robots; consistently adhere to a global perspective and carry out international scientific and technological cooperation research and development. What’s more, it introduces the world's advanced robot control system and intelligent equipment technology, accurately solve the core pain points of the domestic manufacturing industry, and undertake the new model of intelligent manufacturing project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; Greatoo is a key high-tech enterprise of the National Torch Program, a national innovation technology demonstration enterprise, a national standard implementation enterprise of industrialization and informationization integration, one of the country's 15 industrial robot standard enterprises, one of the 15 backbone robot enterprises in Guangdong Province, and one of the 50 key equipment manufacturing enterprises of Guangdong Province and a new R&D institution in Guangdong Province, it has high-end R&D institutions such as national technology centers, academician workstations, post-doctorate workstations, national and local joint engineering centers, and builds a complete innovation system.

As a high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and service, Greatoo has long been committed to providing customers with technologically advanced industry intelligent solutions.The company's cold chain storage equipment is derived from advanced European technology, and has long-term research accumulation and project actual experience in the cold chain storage automation industry. Through continuous increase in technological innovation and development, the company has become a domestic professional intelligent logistics storage system solution system integrator, with key technology and professional team of intelligent logistics warehousing system:

Cold chain logistics overall planning and system integration technology: Greatoo’s intelligent cold chain equipment technology always ensures the leading level of benchmarking developed countries, and carries out the planning and design of intelligent equipment and software systems, including cold chain temperature control systems, sorting systems, and intelligent storage, smart distribution center, etc. Greatoo is committed to building a cold chain logistics information platform with high consistency and high agility, realizing temperature monitoring and remote control of food in the entire cold chain process, ensuring food safety and traceability.

Digitalization, informationization, and intelligent technology: including digital control technology, information system technology, and intelligent remote operation and maintenance technology. Digital control systems include WCS, PLC, DCS, etc., which are the basis for the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and cold chain logistics; information systems include ERP, MES, WMS and other systems; intelligent remote operation and maintenance technologies include 5G communication, Internet of Things, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Cold chain logistics intelligent equipment design and manufacturing technology: utilizing the advanced cold chain storage equipment technology and information technology that it has accumulated, it greatly highlights the company's cold chain logistics level of "scale, intensification, organization, and networking". Including temperature detection sensors, intelligent control devices, intelligent robots, etc., with functional elements such as "self-sensing, self-learning, self-adaptation, and self-diagnosis".

This time, Greatoo reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangdong Provincial Supply and Marketing Group. The two parties will start strategic cooperation on system planning, system integration, intelligent intelligent control, intelligent operation and other aspects for cold chain logistics industry applications, and actively explore the new model of collaboratively innovates and develop between intelligent equipment industry and cold chain the logistics industry, develops intelligent cold chain logistics equipment and software systems to improve the level of intelligence in the cold chain industry, builds an intelligent cold chain logistics information platform, and jointly promotes the construction of the backbone network of cold chain logistics infrastructure in the province, and promotes the export of agricultural products of village enters the city to ensure the effective supply of important agricultural products and promote the high-quality development of modern agriculture.