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Field Inspection of the Agricultural Machinery Industry to Promote the Upgrading of Enterprise Intelligence


Createtime: 2020-09-19

In order to learn about the development of the agricultural machinery industry, learn from the experience of advanced agricultural machinery enterprises, and further promote the transformation, upgrading and rapid development of Greatoo, from August 17th to 19th, under the recommendation of Hong Xianguo, Executive Vice President of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, the inspection team of Greatoo, headed by the company’s chairman Wu Chaozhong and Zheng Xuxu, went to visit Luoyang National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center, Luoyang Chenhan Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. and First Tractor Company Limited.

The inspection team inspected the National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center

The inspection team had a discussion with the leaders of the National Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Innovation Center

On August 17, the inspection team came to the National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center and was warmly received by the center’s General Manager Wang Yunfei. In the center exhibition hall, General Manager Wang Yunfei introduced the development history of China's agricultural machinery and the background of the establishment of the National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center to the inspection team, focusing on the existing problems of China's agricultural machinery that need to be solved urgently, the differences between domestic and foreign agricultural mechanization, and the future development trend of China's agricultural machinery. He also introduced in detail the advantages and functions of the modern agricultural supervision platform developed by the center in modern agricultural machinery operations. The two parties then held a technical discussion forum. Chairman Wu Chaozhong introduced our company's development to the center's leaders, agreed with the center's strategic positioning and R&D direction in agricultural machinery, and discussed the development of exchanges and cooperation in the field of agricultural machinery.


The inspection team visited the production workshop of CHENHAN TECHNOLOGY

Group photo of the inspection team and CHENHAN TECHNOLOGY leaders

On August 18, the inspection team arrived at Luoyang Chenhan Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. CHENHAN TECHNOLOGY is a professional manufacturer and a complete solution provider dedicated to modern high-end agricultural equipment. It has successfully developed a series of high-tech products of sugarcane harvesting mechanization that have achieved major technological breakthroughs in China, successfully put on the market, and have complete intellectual property rights. It is the winner of the "Invisible Champion" of sugarcane harvesting machinery, has ranked first in market share for many years. During the inspection, Chairman Wu Chaozhong and Chairman Zhang Changxian exchanged the situation of the two companies and conducted in-depth discussions on the sugarcane harvester machinery market. Chairman Wu highly appreciated the research and development and application of CHENHAN TECHNOLOGY's deep ploughing sugarcane harvester, and expressed optimism about the prospects of high-end agricultural machinery manufacturing to promote agricultural development.


The inspection team received a warm reception from First Tractor Company Limited


The inspection team visited the assembly workshop of First Tractor Company Limited

On August 19, the inspection team came to the last stop of this trip- First Tractor Company Limited founded in 1955, and is one of the 156 national key projects constructed during the "First Five-Year Plan" period. It is the only super large enterprise in China's agricultural machinery industry. Its leading brand "Dongfanghong" is the first well-known trademark, the series of products are trusted by users. Accompanied by General Manager Liu Jiguo and Secretary of the Board of Directors Yu Lina, the inspection team visited Museum and the production workshop of First Tractor Company Limited to learn more about its development history and current situation, and to appreciate the modern style of a large comprehensive machinery manufacturing enterprise group with construction machinery, power machinery, vehicles and parts manufacturing as its main business. At the subsequent symposium, the two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the development trend of my country's agricultural machinery, the situation of agricultural machinery based on tractors, the agricultural market and the challenges they faced, which provided new inspiration for Greatoo's intelligent manufacturing upgrade.

During the three-day inspection, the inspection team carefully studied the advanced production experience and management concepts of the inspected objects in the agricultural machinery industry, and had a deep understanding of the development of the industry through on-site visits, seminars and other methods. President Hong Xianguo also affirmed the results of the visit and exchanges, encouraging companies to be creative, advocate strengthening ties with each other, and jointly explore common problems in the industry, so as to provide more possibilities for joint research and problem solving.

Through this inspection activity, the inspection team not only has an in-depth understanding of the development of agriculture and the development trend of China's agricultural machinery, but also learned about the current situation and challenges of the agricultural market. This is a good start for the future integration of advanced technology resources, promotion of intelligent equipment upgrades, and acceleration of the further development of enterprises.