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Banks and Enterprises Work Together to Achieve A Win-Win Situation


On the morning of September 2, Gao Junwei, vice president of the Agricultural Bank of China Jieyang Branch, visited Greatoo with other leaders and were warmly received by our director Li Lixuan. It is reported that the bank opened Jieyang's first free trade account (hereinafter referred to as "FT account") for our company on August 27, which marked the official landing of the FT sub-account accounting business in Jieyang.

It is understood that an FT account refers to a domestic and foreign currency account with unified rules opened by banks and other financial institutions for customers in the free trade zone accounting unit. This account system opens up the channel between the free trade zone and the offshore market, as well as serves enterprises set foot in overseas markets, to meet the needs of the real economy for trade settlement and cross-border investment and financing exchange facilitation. It has the advantages and characteristics of exchange convenience, optimal exchange rate, overseas investment convenience, financing convenience, and market-oriented interest rate system. The FT account is currently online at the Agricultural Bank of China to assist multinational enterprise groups to better realize global cash management and capital coordination operations.

The opening of free trade accounts by our company will help to further improve the ability of global resource allocation. Through the comprehensive use of the comparative advantages of domestic and foreign financial markets, we will continue to strengthen our integrated and active management of domestic and foreign currency funds, and share the multiple benefits brought by free trade innovation and financial opening. This time, our company cooperated with the Agricultural Bank of China Jieyang Branch, combined with the bank's accumulated cross-border financial service experience to provide our company with comprehensive and high-quality financial services, help the company develop and grow, and work together to achieve a win-win situation for banks and enterprises!