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Deputy Secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, Zhang Ke, Came to Visit Greatoo


On the afternoon of August 7, Zhang Ke, deputy secretary of the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and acting mayor, led a team to Jiedong District for investigation. Accompanied by Fang Feng, the party secretary of Jiedong District Party Committee, and other leaders of the Development Zone, they came to visit Greatoo and received the warm reception of our chairman Wu Chaozhong.

Accompanied by chairman Wu, Zhang and his party went to the workshops to learn about the company's four major formats and listened to the report. Chairman Wu introduced the development of Greatoo to the leaders. As a large-scale, advanced technology and the first listing enterprise of automobile radial tire mold, after years of construction, Greatoo has realized manufacturing intelligence, management digitalization, product branding, market internationalization, and formed a high-tech industrial structure that relies on scientific research platforms, aggregates brand effects, condenses technological advantages, integrates high-quality assets, and brings together high-end industries.

Mayor Zhang expressed his appreciation for the company's current achievements and placed deep hopes on it. It is necessary to focus on the two industrial parks of Jiedong Economic Development Zone and Sino-German Metal Eco-city. It is necessary to take service enterprises as the top priority and support the company to be bigger and stronger, extend the upstream and downstream industry chain, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries such as footwear and ceramics. As mentioned in the Fourth Session of the Second People's Congress of Jiedong District, it is necessary to enhance the carrying capacity of the park and support the development of Greatoo in accordance with the working ideas of "project + park + industry ". Chairman Wu said that Greatoo will actively respond to the government's call and strive to contribute to the local development and development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.