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Play the Positive Role of the Taxation Department, Promote the Healthy and High-quality Development of Enterprises

On the morning of August 6, the head of the Party Committee and director of the Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, Wu Zili and other leaders came to Jieyang, took the initiative to conduct research on the implementation of the corporate tax reduction and fee reduction policy. Accompanied by Chen Dingxiong, member of the Standing Committee of Jieyang Municipal Committee, executive deputy mayor, Fang Feng, secretary of Jiedong District Party Committee and relevant responsible comrades of the taxation department of the city and district, they visited Greatoo and received warm reception from chairman Wu. Wu accompanied the guests to go to the produce first-line workshop for research.
Chairman Wu reported to director Wu on the business situation, production and operation mode, market situation and positioning of the company. For the current operation of the company and the market situation, director Wu is very concerned and has conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with chairman Wu on issues such as the impact of Sino-US trade on the company's operations, the implementation of the national tax reduction and reduction policy, and the need for support from the state tax system, encourage enterprises to provide opinions and suggestions. Chairman Wu said: In order to protect the interests of soybean producers and improve the international competitiveness of soybean products, the United States has adopted various support measures over the years, such as loan subsidies and countercyclical subsidies, or other service support such as technical research and infrastructure construction. It is expected that the state will also increase support for high-tech enterprises and high-end equipment manufacturing. For example, the key components of the domestic robot core are still greatly restricted by foreign companies. After the lessons of Sino-US trade friction, it is recommended that the state should give strong support to the research and development of domestic enterprises, including the support of upstream and downstream enterprises, enhance the confidence of domestic companies in using domestic robots; In addition, it is necessary to further increase the proportion of high-tech enterprises' research and development expenses plus deductions, and increase support for high-tech enterprises and research and development enterprises.

Director Wu highly appreciated the professionalism of the opinions put forward by chairman Wu, and pointed out on the spot that they would analyze this and report to the provincial government, play the positive role of the taxation department in optimizing the taxation business environment, and protect industrial enterprise, let the company develop health and quality!