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The flexible laminated adjustable mold

Product Features:

1. Tread appearance beautiful, use clearance exhaust, no porosity gas set, so there is no secret after vulcanization rubber wire, only small exhaust traces left.
2. Sulfide exhaust performance is more superior, effectively prevent the lack of glue image; Clearance exhaust than stomatal set of exhaust gas, exhaust region more large and even, to improve the permeability of sulfide.
3. Reduce waste rubber, reduce processing costs; There is no glue, for batch production of tires, can save a lot of raw material waste;
4. The new structure adaptive regular centripetal agencies; New research and development of new structure pattern block is not limited by the centripetal institutions, guarantee the general performance of the new structure of the mold cavity;
5. Reduce tire processing process, shorten the processing cycle; Save to remove plastic wire process, so as to shorten the processing cycle of the tire;
6, improve the dynamic balance of the tire performance.