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Frame type hydraulic vulcanizing machine

Product Features:

Novel structure, compact frame; Single-mode independence movement, force uniform, curing tire uniform high quality; Process using linear guide rail guide, ensure the running smoothness and mould repeat accuracy; Full hydraulic type B center structure to ensure the lower die alignment and positioning accuracy is high; Using proportional variable pump, has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection; Sulphur cycle time is short, high curing efficiency.

Product description

Technical Parameters

Products for dual mode, side plate, independent units, heating, hot plate type B full hydraulic type central organization, vertical lifting beam, bolt clamping, the six cylinder pressure type hydraulic tire curing press. 
Applies to install adjustable die, sulfide rims 17 "24.5" in diameter of different specifications of the new type of wide cross section of high-grade all steel heavy meridian tyre bridge, meet the nitrogen gas or steam curing process. 
According to user requirements can be another matching mould device of electric adjustable, activities mould drive, tires and etc. 
Electric control system adopts PLC programmable controller as the real-time control core, industrial touch screen as man-machine interface, can realize vulcanization process parameter Settings, vulcanization real-time parameters collection, preservation, alarm and historical visual query, etc., with Ethernet interface, support the vulcanizing machine cluster network. 
Hydraulic control system driven by a hydraulic station a vulcanizing machine, oil pressure and flow control using proportional control technology.