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How Can New Research Institutes Rise


Accelerating the integration and conversion of innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain, accumulating the innovative ability by taking advantage of the global intelligent technology

How can new research institutes rise

In the exhibition hall showing science enterprises’ reducers in Guangzhou’s development zone, there is a lion dance performance. If you look carefully, you will find that the lion dance is performed by a mechanical arm. Since the performance of lion dance has a high demand for good teamwork and features flexible and changeable movements, how can hulk machine take the place of human beings to finish the whole performance?

“Now, the precision of the RV reducers we has invented can reach 0.005mm, which enables robots to accurately perform the action of winking in lion dance.” Yang Yu, the general director of Greatoo (Guangzhou) Intelligent Technology Research Institute Ltd ( short for Greatoo Research Institute), told reporters.

The RV reducers for industrial robots Greatoo Research Institute independently invented have won the patent for utility models and two other patents for invention about reducers are under the examination of State Intellectual Property Office, which has broken foreign countries’ monopoly of the core components of industrial robots.

How to adapt the traditional research institute to the market economy and how to convert their innovative achievements to the market attract people’s attention, but the purpose of new research institutes is obvious: meeting the need of market and promoting the development of industries. The rise of new research institutes is like the seeds of “world factory”. What changes will they bring? What will happen if they work with numerous factories and enterprises?

From Nanfang Daily’s reporters: Chen Siqin and the intern, Yin Qiuying

1. Find correct way by being close to the market

According to the announcement of Greatoo Intelligent Equipment Inc (short for Greatoo), the parent company of Greatoo Research Institute, the company’s project of “providing public service for intelligent equipment of robots” and the special project of “the company’s transformation and upgrading to a leading industrial robot manufacturing enterprise” have been written in the list of “2016 Guangdong Government Special Fund” and won a total of 8.71 million yuan as the supportive fund.

“One of the important functions of Greatoo Research Institute is to provide service for local enterprises to undergo transformation and upgrading. The direction of research and investment is oriented by the trend of industries.” Wu Chaozong, the chairman of Greatoo’s board, told to reporters.

The reducers and controllers of industrial robots resemble the heart and brain of a human being. Currently, domestic reducers are mainly imported and the market is monopolized by a few of foreign companies, which makes the costs of reducers take up 30% of the whole costs of robots. In terms of high-end industrial robots, domestic brands are not competitive enough either in prices or in functions.

Every year, Greatoo Research Institute invests over 100 million yuan in doing researches. After years of efforts, the company has gradually mastered the core technologies, such as the heat treatment of the materials of reducers, the micro programming of parts and precision packaging. The company re-innovated its technology on the basis of Germany’s advanced technology and special sets of precision machine tools which the company has introduced. At present, Greatoo Research Institute has mastered the core technologies of robots’ controllers and RV reducers and won intellectual property and international patents.

Wu said that in the future, through inner development and outer extension, Greatoo Research Institute will target at the application of the competitive enterprises in Pearl River Delta, including the industries of auto parts, ceramics, polishing and spraying.

Now, Guangzhou’s industries is going through the crucial period of “starting a new business” and transformation. New research institutes offer new ways of technology innovation for thousands of middle and small-sized enterprises and help them combine traditional economy to the resource of high-end innovation, which promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.


Guangzhou each year invests at least 200 million yuan in supporting new research institutes

New research institutes inject new energy in the innovation in Guangzhou. What’s more, “Guangzhou Government’s Suggestions on Promoting the Development of New Research Institutes” (short for “Suggestions”) paves a way for the development of new research institutes.

“Suggestions” points out that research institutes should be oriented by the market. new research institutes refers to those institutes that is invested by many bodies, constructed in various molds, oriented by the market and run in the mold of enterprises. New research institutes make the best use of the advantages of capital, technologies and talents which domestic and foreign enterprises, universities and research institutes have and promote the combination of industrial chains, innovation chains and capital chains.

Guangzhou government invests at least 200 million yuan in the field of technology to support the establishment and development of new research institutes and give awards to the innovative achievements of new research institutes.

In order to guide financing institutions to provide intellectual property mortgage loan, stock right pledge loan, loan on credit for science enterprises for new research institutes, the municipal government and district governments gives support in the way of equity investment, risk compensation and loans with discounted interest.

What’s more, during the beginning period of new research institutes, the municipal government and district governments agree to appropriate free start-up capital and give next year capital according to new research institutes’ achievements and industrialization defined by the objectives of the agreement; new research institutes can enjoy deducted rents or rent-free, the benefits that local governments offer for new research institutes’ office building.

“One Institute, One Policy”. In order to support and lead the city to make scientific progress, cultivate high-end talents and transform and upgrade significant new research institutes, Guangzhou adopts the way of “One Institute, One Policy; One Event, One Suggestion” and gives bigger support.

Why Guangzhou give so much support to new research institutes? It’s said by Guangzhou Technology Innovation Committee that there are 28 new research institutes, 813 engineering and technological research centers (18 at national level and 548 at provincial level), 377 key laboratories (17 at national level and 196 at provincial level) in Guangzhou. The figures are the highest in the whole province.

In 2015 Guangzhou Report Meeting of Technology Innovation, leaders of Guangzhou demanded stronger support for the establishment and development of 28 new research institutes and said that the city should target at the leading universities and research institutes at home and abroad and introduce their technologies to Guangzhou. Since this year, Guangzhou issued the list of two groups of new research institutes. New research institutes develop fast in Guangzhou, with Internet of things, cloud computing and biological medicine in Tianhe and Luogang.

From Nanfang Daily’s reporter, Chen Siqin