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2C1R drilling and milling processing automation unit

Product description

System Components

ODG-2C1R-V520 drilling and milling processing automation unit consists of 2 ODG-V5 drilling and milling automatic machining center, 1 ODG-JLRB20 robots, 1 material racks, 1 loading and unloading station and control system. Mainly for drilling, tapping, milling manufacturing, improve production efficiency and achieve less humanized operation. Reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve product quality. The automated unit is the ship Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. according to the customer's actual product planning, machine tools, robotics, control system and other key components are produced by the German Technical Cooperation (ODG) to realize dynamic plug and play, can reduce the customers in the automation scheme indeed, installation, maintenance and use of risk. And in process of workpiece assembly, we adopt is magnetic tray or the vacuum sucker, according to the different requirements of the customers for the workpiece tray to greatly reduce the time of manual installation of the workpiece, which can improve the work efficiency.