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Product Features:

This kind of products have double molds, four columns, independent units, hot plates. oil pressure central structure of B type,crossbeam and upper cure bags able to go up and down vertically. four-column bale lock and lower four pressure jars.

Product description

Technical Parameters

The products can be equipped with segmented molds, plane semi-molds and high-class all-steel radial tires whose steel rings are at diameters from 15"to 24 meeting the need of nitrogen or vapor vulcanization.


Customers can equip the curing press with gas charging devices, segmented mould driven devices and storage devices of different types according to their needs.


With PLC programming controller as timely control centers and industrial touch screens as man-machine operation, electric control system can enable workers to set the parameters of vulcanization and collect and save data, give an alarm and search historical parameters. Also, the electric control system has Ethernet to support the networking of many curing presses.


In terms of hydraulic pressure control system, one hydraulic pressure station is used to drive one or many curing presses. Also, ratio control technology is used to control oil pressure and the rate of oil flow. Servo control technology can achieve the effects ofenergy saving, low noise and being highly controlled.


Left and right moulds can be freely controlled to meet different needs of vulcanization and vulcanize different sizes of tires at the same time.


The promotion of open moulds, the packaging and loading of tires is driven by leaner lead rail and oriented oil pressure, which achieves stable motion and high precision in repetition; leaner lead rail and oriented gas jar drive the claw closure of the packaging of tires to make less noise.


Without bearing the force of moulds, the body frame (including the side frame and middle frame)can avoid deformation to achieve precise targeting of moulds.


The single molds move independenty and four bale lock structures can guarantee average lock force so as to vulcanize tires reragely and produce tires of excellent quality.