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Greatoo Participated in the 4th Sino-German Exchange Meeting


In order to thoroughly implement the national "Belt and Road" strategy, and further build a Sino-German (European) SME exchange and cooperation platform, on June 11-12, the fourth session of Sino-German (European) SME Cooperation and Exchange Conference will be hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the Guangdong Provincial Government in Jieyang. As a model and leading enterprise of Sino-German exchange and cooperation, our company participated in the corporate negotiation docking event held on June 12 with the representative of general manager Zhang Shiqin.

It is understood that this year's exchange will be based on the theme of "Belt and Road, Sharing and Development", aiming to promote practical cooperation with SMEs and domestic SMEs in Germany, such as management, technology, equipment, capital and talents, as well as "The effective connection between Made in China 2025" and German Industry 4.0. In the corporate negotiation docking event held on the 12th, a total of 111 foreign companies, institutions and 130 domestic enterprises participated in the conference, and 237 scenes were exchanged and docked, 17 cooperation agreements were signed, and a number of projects were continuously docked. In the process of advancement, it has effectively promoted the in-depth development of Jieyang's cooperation with Germany (Europe).

At the enterprise negotiation meeting, Zhang and the representatives of foreign companies conducted in-depth discussions and understanding in the form of face-to-face communication. In the collision of different ideological cultures, they broadened the cooperation ideas and created new cooperation possibilities. Taking advantage of the in-depth layout of the Sino-German cooperation, Greatoo will continue to respond to the "Belt and Road" initiative, actively carry out cooperation with Germany, explore efficient and accurate development idea, and strive to be a pioneer in the industry and achieve leapfrog development.