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Greatoo: Promote the Development of “Internet+” and Intelligent Manufacturing


Internet+ has provided second development opportunity for traditional enterprises’ transformation and upgrading. As Greaetoo Intelligent Equipment Inc(short for “Greatoo”) strengthens itself, it has seized “Internet+” and focused on the development of the cooperative manufacturing of customized intelligent equipment, transforming the company from traditional manufacturing industry to digital manufacturing industry and intelligent manufacturing industry.

It’s known that Greatoo started to develop industrial robot industry earlier in 2011. In 2013, the company has won the first prize of “Guangdong Science Technology Award” for its “core technology of collaborating design and manufacturing for customized production”, the achievement under university-enterprise cooperation. In 2014, the company has been assessed as one of the first experimental enterprises passing the national assessment of the management system of integrating industrialization and informization. In 2015, the company continued to make achievements, inventing the cooperative platform of the full process of customized intelligent equipment manufacturing. With the Internet and the Internet of Things, this platform can integrate the production of equipment and the production management into an intelligent net so that equipment can relate to each other and services can relate to each other to realize the integration of cooperative manufacturing between enterprises by Internet and the lift circle of designing and manufacturing products and the realize the cooperation of the full process of customized intelligent equipment manufacturing.

With this platform, Greatoo has set up the management system of intelligent workshop on the base of the Internet of Things and put forward the solutions of managing the intelligent workshops. The company can integrate the circle of the design and manufacturing of products and realize the management of the products’ life circle by controlling the design, sales of products and customer service; the company has integrated the cooperative manufacturing of customers, business partners and suppliers by building the cooperative platform based on Internet so that the company can systematically understand, search, analyze and share the structural and non-structural data related to the workshops’ manufacturing, customers’ orders, cooperative working and daily management and provide evidence for the company to make decisions and automatic decisions and timely adjustment during the process of manufacturing.

Currently, we have used BPM and ERP systems and gradually researched the integration of supply chains, cooperative management platform and the control of intelligent manufacturing workshops. Wu Chaozhong, the chairman of the board told reporters. The company has filled the country’s gap in the integration of the management of intelligent manufacturing workshops, which can improve the company’s design and manufacturing of high-precision equipment. This research result has already been applied in the process of producing individual and customized equipment. With such breakthrough, Greatoo was also selected as one of the 100 experimental innovative enterprises integrating the Internet and industries.

When Chairman Wu talked about the company’s future development, he suggested that the company has cooperated with China Academy of Sciences and complemented each other’s advantages in industry 4.0 and big data and the search of industrial data, realizing the integration of Internet and big data so as to accelerate the strategic industrialization of big data, intelligence and the Internet. Greatoo will continue to seize the development opportunity of Internet+ and Intelligent manufacturing.