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Greatoo Was Included in the List of "National Key Guarantee Enterprises of Epidemic Prevention and Control"


It is reported that recently, Greatoo was selected into the latest list of "National Key Guarantee Enterprises of Epidemic Prevention and Control".

"National Key Guarantee Enterprises of Epidemic Prevention and Control" is developed by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Central Leading Group for Epidemic Response and the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism, and through the provincial relevant departments strict review, and the best is selected from the list of many key epidemic prevention and control key guarantee enterprises, and finally determined. Enterprises included in the list of "National Key Guarantee Enterprises of Epidemic Prevention and Control" can enjoy various government policy support.

After the outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease 2019, in response to the overall deployment and requirements of anti-epidemic measures by government departments at all levels, Greatoo took advantage of its own advantages in intelligent manufacturing and automated integration, responded quickly, took the initiative, aimed at the needs of the application field, and concentrated on research and development power, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control management, carried out R & D and manufacturing work of the "fully automated production line project of smart self-recognizing mask", completed the R & D trial production of the first batch of models in a short time, and delivered them to a number of anti-epidemic material production enterprises to put into use, alleviating the shortage of materials for social masks, and effectively shouldering the social responsibility of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the battle against epidemic disease.

With the outbreak of the epidemic overseas, the global demand for masks and mask production lines has skyrocketed. Based on its original international sales network and the cooperation platform of Jieyang with Germany (Europe), Greatoo develops marketable models for target markets, strictly control the process in the production process and actively connect with overseas channels. On April 12th, after packing overnight, the first batch of mask machines of the international standard made by Greatoo, according to the "express shipment" request of Turkish customers, was successfully exported to the European market to support overseas fight against the epidemic.