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Robots Guarantee Production of Greatoo

The2019-nCoV epidemic has had a great impact on many companies in the New Year. How to combat the epidemic and ensure production is a challenge faced by many manufacturing companies.
Every company thinks of ways to deal with the impact of the epidemic on production. On February 10, Greatooadopted the "machine substitution" strategy. While organizing employees to do epidemic prevention and control, it maximized the role of intelligent equipment and intelligent robots such as automated production lines to resume work smoothly.
Robots show theirstrengths, and Greatoo successfully undertakes "big orders"
Entering Greatoo factory area, you can hear the sound of bursts of equipment, but the production workshop is sparse.
"At present, our company's tire mold manufacturing workshop basically realizes the single operation of the main process, avoids personnel crossover, reducespersonnel gathering, and realizes fewer people in manufacturing." Senior engineer Hong Fu said, "This is the result of the company's active use of information and intelligent methods to improve work efficiency and improve the on-site operating environment for many years, and now it has played a big role!"
"From the perspective of the demand reflected at the end of last year, the orders delivered by Greatoo will continue to increase in 2020, especially the vulcanization machine orders are saturated, and the customer base has steadily expanded. Last year, Greatoo was also rated as the "Best Supplier of the Year'' by the global tire giant German Continental Group, and was awarded the "Key Export Enterprise'' by the China Mould Industry Enterprise Association. " Fang Shaowei, deputy general manager of Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery, he said,"the epidemic prevention and control situation is now grim, and if there is no automated production line and intelligent robots, Greatoo may not be able to take over these big orders."
As an equipment manufacturing enterprise, the main production link of Greatoo is mechanical processing. In order to meet the needs of machining automation, as early as 2009, the company organized a team to carry out research and development of intelligent equipment and technology. After more than ten years of development, it successfully developed and applied a complete set of intelligent equipment, including industrial robots, unit control systems, as well as independent products such as precision machine tools and precision guide rails, which can be interconnected with information systems such as workshop management and control systems, MES, ERP, etc. The "machine substitution" has a solid foundation and leading technology.
These equipment and technologies are also favored by the industry, and have been successfully promoted to more than ten related industries such as shoemaking, polishing and glazing.
"The robot polishing system independently developed by Greatoo has passed the verification and application of hardware, kitchen and toilet, 3C, building materials, smart furniture, automotive, medical, aerospace, new energy, sports equipment and other industries, and can completely replace skilled workers to work in a high-intensity and high-pollution environment, as well as saving raw materials, improving product quality, reducing personnel gathering, which have a good demonstration effect on the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises.Fang Shaowei, deputy general manager of Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery, said, in the current epidemic situation, the aforementioned cooperative customers can minimize the accumulation of employees and allow robots to work and resume production smoothly.
Improve employee self-protection ability, organize production flexibly and orderly
Under the influence of the epidemic, intelligent equipment has provided convenience for enterprises to resume production, but to ensure equipment operation and maintenance, engineers and other employees are still indispensable.
"Our company has a large number of employees and a large factory area, which has brought a huge challenge for personnel managementand factory resumptionafter the holiday.Under the guidance of relevant government departments, Greatooactively took various measures to combat the epidemic, unified organization of manpower and material resources, and made full preparations, "said Wu Yingxiong, vice president of the company and leader of the emergency management team for epidemic prevention and control.
Since the Spring Festival, the company's headquarters has made full use of telephone, SMS, WeChat, APP and other methods to carry out epidemic prevention and control propaganda to all employees, implement the purchase and order of various protective and epidemic prevention supplies, and carry out regular epidemic prevention and disinfection of the plant area. In particular, the company uses tools such as "Daily Health Check", WeChat, and phone to grasp the holiday trends of employees returning to other provinces and cities, and implements dynamic tracking to urge employees abroad to strictly perform self-protection work, and has achieved remarkable results.At present, the company's employees in other provinces and cities and local employees have not experienced any abnormalities related to the epidemic.
"As 'National Model Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise' jointly awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Federation of Trade Unions, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and other ministries and commissions,Greatoo puts the first priority on ensuring the safety and health of employees, and has no slack in front of the epidemic .Greatoois doing its utmost to provide employees with protection knowledge and necessary protective equipment. In the later period, it will continue to pay attention to the epidemic prevention work before returning to work and the health status of employees after returning to work, and strengthen the investigation of epidemic situation. For employees who cannot return to work on time for reasons, company will arrange remote office, under special circumstances to implement replacement arrangements, to ensure that it does not affect the necessary production tasks. "Wu Yingxiong said.
The reporter learned that at the end of last year, Greatoo had prepared spare parts in time for the 2020 order situation. "Under the influence of the epidemic, the new annual production schedule can be adjusted adaptively according to the current situation, which can guarantee production and strive to minimize the impact of adverse factors." Zheng Xuxu, CEO of Greatoo, said,Greatoo will also provide intelligent upgrade support for labor-intensive enterprises in need, to overcome difficulties, combat epidemics and ensure production.