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"Made in Jieyang" Mask Machine Joins Overseas Anti-Epidemic Camp


Under the influence of the epidemic, masks and other protective equipment have become tense supplies, and the demand for mask production equipment has also increased dramatically. At this critical moment, the key enterprise of Jitayang city, Greatoo carried out actions: Although it is not known in advance what the mask production line looks like, but with its own technological advantages in equipment manufacturing, automation integration, etc., Greatoo started from welding gear modules, feed rollers and other components began to be pondered and processed, and they were designed and programmed with "full-automatic" ideas, and assembled and debugged under strict process standards ... in just 24 days, the R & D of first batch of "smart self-recognizing mask fully automated production lines " takes shape.

After passing the trial production, the company began mass production of this equipment immediately, and exported to overseas while serving the needs of local society, demonstrating the efforts and responsibilities of "Made in Jieyang".
Production of masks machine: not the main business, better than the main business
The production of automatic mask machines is a crossover for Greatoo.
On April 13, the reporter visited the Greatoo (China&Germany) Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in the Sino-German Metal Eco-City, and found that the company opened a place specializing in the production of automatic mask machines in the original intelligent robot workshop. There are various materials and parts neatly put inside, and engineers are orderly assembling and debugging the mask machine.

"These engineers are all technical backbones drawn from the company's technology center. We started project development at the end of January and commissioned the equipment by the end of February. The first production line was officially delivered to local customers in March and put into production. And the equipment was exported overseas for the first time in April ... "Wu Xiaodong, deputy general manager of the Greatoo (China&Germany), and the head of the mask production line project team. He was too busy to sit down and drink a glass of water, introducing the production of masks machine for several months while staring at his job.
It turned out that as early as the early outbreaks of epidemic, Greatoo received many customer inquiries: "Your strength is intelligent equipment manufacturing, can you produce automated mask machines?" The government also vigorously called for and supported capable enterprises to switch production. The epidemic situation is an order. The management of Greatoo has reviewed the situation and responded quickly. It decided to start this "side business" and deployed an R & D and production plan with an extremely responsible attitude to make a contribution.

So, is it difficult for robot companies to switch to mask machines? In Wu Xiaodong's view, Greatoo has a wealth of mechanical design technology accumulation, and it is not particularly difficult to break through the research and development of mask machines. The difficulty is to coordinate the shortage of some outsourcing accessories in a short period of time during the epidemic management in various regions. And special circumstances such as workers in foreign processing enterprises failing to return to work as scheduled.
In terms of technological breakthroughs, Greatoo was led by engineer Lu Haiyu and others, he took the effort of winning the championship of the national intelligent manufacturing application technology skill competition last year, and grasped the main points of research and development: the production of the mask fully automated production line is fast, requirements of product calibration is high, and it is necessary to realize rapid identification, positioning, sorting, and graphic detection.
Yang Zhiqin, an engineer who participated in the research and development, said that for the first time to make a mask machine, in addition to designing the entire equipment structure and programming, some key components such as welding gear modules, feed rollers, etc., must rely on their own processing. If any deficiencies are found, it will be changed at any time to speed up the production of workpieces and accessories, and continuously improve the accuracy and stability of homemade parts.
Fighting the epidemic together: the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility
How does the Greatoo automatic mask machine produce masks? In the Greatoo smart workshop, a new mask production line is being debugged. The engineer accurately connects one mask body making machine and two mask ear strap welding machines with a thin conveyor belt, and is controlled by a man-machine interface intelligent touch screen setting, and it successfully passed the test including coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose line welding, mask slicing, earband ultrasonic welding, visual sorting inspection, and automatic packaging.

Yang Zhiqin said: "Our mask machine can produce 80 ~ 120 pieces per minute. Under the condition of all-day production, the daily output can reach up to 150,000 pieces. The entire production and packaging process are fully automatic, and the intermediate link does not require manual operation. In addition, 3D visual sorting detection technology can realize product identification, position identification, and rapid detection under high-speed motion, and greatly improve the product yield rate while ensuring efficiency. "
In fact, the use of automated integration technology to improve production efficiency has always been a great skill of Greatoo. Since March, the first batch of equipment has passed trial production, and it has been handed over to Jieyang local and epidemic prevention material production enterprises in Shantou, Chaozhou and other surrounding cities. Because of its stable performance, easy operation, and reasonable prices, some customers have purchased multiple production lines. The production capacity of local masks has increased accordingly, alleviating the shortage of materials for social masks.
So far, Greatoo has submitted a qualified answer sheet. However, it was too late to take a break from the "side business", and overseas clients' requests for assistance came one after another.
"Anti-epidemic is not a country's business, people of all countries in the world are connected by fate, and it is incumbent to support overseas anti-epidemic business." has become the company's consensus.
On April 12th, after overnight packing, the first batch of mask machines using the international standards of Greatoo shipped smoothly, with the "Expedited shipping" request of Turkish customers.
"Because the equipment is highly automated and highly integrated, our mask machine can be quickly installed, and overseas customers generally do not need to debug again. When the equipment is online, only one operator can control the entire production line, avoiding personnel gathering. After-sales service can also be connected remotely to reduce the frequency of technical staff travel. This is very applicable in countries with strict epidemic control." Yang Zhiqin said.
Over the past few days, relying on its original international sales network and our city's cooperation with Germany (Europe), Greatoo has received many overseas orders on the premise of obtaining relevant export qualifications. Due to the urgent overseas epidemic situation, customers continued to add and remind orders, and the subsequent order volume made the Greatoo team have to adopt shift production, shift testing, cooperative joint debugging and other methods to rush to complete the production task day and night. "The project team actively communicated with various material suppliers, fixedly tracked the progress, and even picked up the goods on their own, so that the materials could be supplied in a timely manner." Wu Xiaodong said, racing against the epidemic, the company's employees are just as anxious as overseas customers, hoping to fight the epidemic together with the worldwide.
Wu Xiaodong said that the epidemic is not over, and Greatoo will actively respond to the national call, continue to assume the corporate social responsibility, fully cooperate with the local government's deployment of the epidemic prevention and control material production, and orderly push the production work of the fully automated production line of imported hoods.

Reporter's notes:
At this critical moment of the epidemic, responsibility is revealed. With a hard work, the Greatoo R & D team manufactured the mask machine for the first time started with self-made parts, and do it the best and best. After careful calculation, the research and development cycle of this equipment is only 24 days, which is really admirable!

The race against the epidemic is to fight for the enterprise's technical strength. Walking with the people reflects the company's sense of social responsibility. From the Spring Festival holiday to the present, the company's technical backbone has been firmly on the post, working hard for the mass production of equipment and exporting overseas. In the current epidemic situation, there is always a group of people who take the initiative and carry forward the burden, making contributions to the society, the country and the world within their ability. "The better the capability is, the greater the responsibility" can undoubtedly serve as a brilliant comment for Greatoo development of mask machines and assistance to various places.