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Chairman of Greatoo, Wu Chaozhong, Led the Inspection Team to Visit the Pearl River Delta Region


In order to further learn the advanced concepts of enterprise development in the Pearl River Delta region and the modern enterprise management operation mode, to explore the development vision of our senior management and promote the transformation, upgrading and rapid development of the company, from May 10th to December 12th, chairman Wu Chaozhong of our company personally lead an inspection team went to the excellent enterprises in the Pearl River Delta Region to study.

The Inspection Team Arrived at Libai Group to Visit the Guangzhou Non-public Party Building Work Exhibition Hall

On May 10th, the inspection team arrived at Liby Group, GSE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. and Wencan Stock, and were warmly received by Chairman Chen Kaixuan, Dong Zhiguang and Tang Jiexiong. The inspection team first visited the Liby Group, China's leading company in daily chemicals. At the Liberia Non-public Party Building Exhibition Hall in the Libai Center, the delegation listened to the lecturers to give a detailed introduction of the origin and development of the non-public economic organizations in Guangzhou, the history of party building work in non-public economic organizations, achievements, and party building mechanisms. The corporate culture exhibition hall displays the core values of “Liability, Responsibility, Quality, Sincerity, and Advancement”. It also presents the development history, corporate culture, and achievements in the areas of production R&D, personnel training, employee care, and social welfare. Liby Living Experience Hall is closely linked to the concept of “health and happiness” and creates a warm and comfortable home atmosphere.

Chairman Wu Chaozhong Exchanges Souvenirs with Chairman Chen Kaixuan

Subsequently, the delegation arrived at GSE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD., which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of micro-swinging oil-free air compressors. It owns more than 10 branch companies, has three manufacturing centers and an engineering research center in China, and has become the world's third-largest domestic leading group of micro-oil-free air-lubricated air compressors.

Under the leadership of Chairman Dong Zhiguang, the inspection team visited compressors, vacuum pumps, compressors, aerators, and other accessories, and also inspected the production workshops, including the six-axis robot manufactured and the Oude-Jean FANUC V5 CNC milling machine are automated to produce the compressor housing. During the inspection process, our staff was adjusting the data parameters of the equipment and tracking the processed shell to ensure the final qualification rate of the product.

General Manager Wu introduced the Using Effect of OGD CNC Milling Machine to the Inspection Team

Next, the inspection team went to Wencan Company, which is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of automotive aluminum alloy precision die castings. The products are mainly used in engine systems, transmission systems, chassis systems, brake systems, and bodywork of mid- to high-end automobiles, structural parts and other automotive parts.

Entering the Wencan Company, the company's core values of "rich, strong, civilized, harmonious, free, equal, fair, rule of law, patriotic, dedicated, honest, friendly" are all visible on the wall of the building. Under the hospitality of Chairman Tang Jiexiong, the guests and the delegation visited the die-casting workshop and the precision machining workshop that practically implemented the “green casting, smart production” concept of the company. At the following symposium, Chairman Tang and Chairman Wu Chaozhong and other leaders conducted in-depth discussions to jointly share the company's measures and experience in safety management mechanisms and industrial upgrading.

Inspection Team Visited Wencan Auto Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

On May 11th, the inspection team went to Nexwise Intelligence China Limited, a high-tech enterprise dedicated to smart security, pattern recognition, cloud computing, and intelligent system applications. Under the leadership of chairman Sun Chao, the inspection team visited the company's GSM active and passive integrated secret device, password cracking server, LTE detection system/electronic fence and other core products, and learned that all kinds of core products are in practical application case.

The company adheres to the corporate philosophy of "Making cities smarter and lives better", the development principle of "innovation as the soul, and quality as the guarantee" and the "innovation and evergreen base" spirit of the enterprise, which attracted the attention of the inspection team. At the following symposium, chairman Wu highly praised the company's vivacious and aggressive business outlook, and in-depth understanding of the solutions of the creation management system of the company, and strived to obtain the internal upgrade of the Greatoo through this exchange. The valuable experience of the intelligent system, using the innovation 2.0 driver, creates a smart and efficient security platform, and realizes intelligent enterprise equipment management, traceability of daily management, and humanistic management of personnel management.

The Inspection Team Listens to the Presentation of Cloud Big Data

In the afternoon, the inspection team set off for Ruisong Technology, a company whose business covers robotics and intelligent technology. It is also the rotating president unit of the Robotics Association of Guangdong Province jointly with Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Under the leadership of Chairman Sun Zhiqiang, the inspection team visited Ruisong's industrial robot production workshop and automotive smart equipment.

In the following symposium, the two sides discussed and exchanged ideas on high-end smart equipment technology and human resource management, shared their respective talent management concepts and mechanisms, and the company’s talent introduction and training, employee relations processing, human relations optimization, etc. "To do a project, make a friend, and expand a market." Through this exchange with the brother companies of this industry, Greatoo has strengthened its efforts to build a platform to promote the rapid development of the robot industry chain, jointly improve the overall competitiveness of local brand robots with Ruisong technology and other intelligence manufacturing companies.

Chairman Wu Chaozhong Communicated with Experts from Ruisong Technology for In-Depth Communication

The next visit of the inspection team is the world-famous electro-acoustic manufacturer, Guoguang Electric Company Limited, and they were received by the honorary chairman of the Guoguang Group Zhou Haichang, the chairman of the Guoguang Group, the secretary of the Party Committee, and dean of the Guoguang School of Management, Hao Xuyang. The guests and the delegation visited the Guoguang Product Showroom and conducted an on-site inspection of the audio product assembly workshop. Chairman Hao also demonstrated to the inspection team the comprehensive support for integration of various audio systems and electronic power amplifiers.

Chairman Wu Chaozhong Visits China's Photoelectric Audio Products

The company's vision is to "make life better" and it is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of electro-acoustic and electronic products. It purchased SCARA robot of Greatoo in 2016 and used its high-precision, high-speed and other features to apply to the precision assembly work of the company's electrical audio equipment. At the following symposium, Chairman Hao sought advice from Chairman Wu on the direction of foreign trade. In this regard, Chairman Wu analyzed the policy support and labor quality of Southeast Asian countries one by one, and provided constructive suggestions for the layout of Guoguang's overseas industries. During the visit, the inspection team also visited the 2025 PARK. The companies of both parties started sharing experiences and exchanges on the construction of the industrial park.

Chairman Hao Introduced the Strategic Layout of the Industrial Park to the Inspection Team

On May 13th, the inspection team set off for Guangdong Sihui Transformer Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Zhaoqing Power Foundry Co., Ltd., and received the warm reception of Zhang Shuhua, the general manager and He Shao, the chairman of the company. Chairman Wu and Zhang and General Manager He have the same views. Several entrepreneurs share the entrepreneurial spirit of "sticking to the real economy and implementing high-quality development".

Zhang Shuhua, general manager of the implementation of the rule of law, courage to innovate, take the strong science and technology plant, and under the leadership, the inspection team visited the new plant is being built. The unique design concept has attracted the attention of the inspection team. Chairman Wu highly appreciated the lighting design of his factory and expressed that he can be used as a reference to further optimize the workshop environment of the Greatoo and help the Greatoo to be the “National First National Green Factory”. Based on honors, we will continue to deepen our efforts to build a green industry ecological chain.

Zhaoqing Power Foundry Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of aluminum alloy cylinder heads for automobile engines, water jackets for new energy belts, and front/rear bridge supports for chassis aluminum chassis. Chairman He shared the experience of company's R&D investment and implemented the company's management philosophy. In the workshop management, the company has also gradually invested in high-end smart equipment, and it has managed the workshops in an orderly manner with small footprints and multiple equipment. Chairman Wu expressed appreciation and encouragement to Chairman He for his courage, ambition and perseverance in entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.

The Inspection Team Earnestly Listened to the Introduction of the Aluminum Cylinder Head of the Power Car Engine

During this three-day inspection, inspection team carefully listened to the introduction, detailedly learned about the company’s advanced experience in corporate construction and development concepts, production conditions, and refined management, and visited enterprises in depth through the company’s visits, as well as listened to responsible person's introduction, participate in symposium communication and exchange to learn each other's advanced experience. After the visit of each company, Greatoo also presented the company's carved works of art "may there be surplus year after year" to the interviewed companies, expressing the most sincere blessings of the Greatoo through the most symbolic expressions of traditional Chinese auspicious blessings.

After the expedition, Chairman Wu summarized the "three actions" that were highly concise, namely "emotional, motivated, and hands-on"

Emotional: Wu was moved by the enterprise spirit of "standing from the perspective of national strategy and boosting the development of information technology" and was also moved by the spirit of the employees in the surveyed enterprises. Director Wu proposed that employees should maintain their spirit of work hard, follow the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" issued by the State Council, and make contributions to China's manufacturing industry among the forerunners of innovative countries and economic power.

Motivated: The companies interviewed took advantage of the idea of cloud computing, and the inspection team was "impressed" by "cloud manufacturing" where information technology was highly shared among manufacturing resources. In response, Wu indicated that he must give full play to the supporting role of informationization to Greatoo, explore the cloud manufacturing model, and use the core technology of cloud manufacturing to interconnect and interoperate within the company, achieve full-time, shared integration, and make the internal construction of Greatoo more intelligent, efficient and safe.

Hands-on: As the list of outstanding companies visited this time is a leader in the manufacturing industry, it is also an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry chain, in this regard, Chairman Wu proposed that Greatoo should complement the advantages of the brilliance enterprise, fully integrate the resources among the enterprises, allow the company to develop a more temperate, more texture, more love and sense, more flesh and blood, go hand in hand to create brilliant tomorrow!

President Wu Chaozhong and President Wu Exchange Souvenirs                                                            Inspection Team Photo with Guangshun Leaders

President Wu and Chairman Tang Present Souvenirs to Each Other                                                              Inspection Team Photo with Wencan Leaders

Chairman Wu and Chairman Sun Chao Exchange Souvenir                                                                  Inspection Team Photo with NEXWISE Leaders

Chairman Wu and Chairman Sun Zhiqiang Exchange Souvenir                                                             Inspection Team Photo with HOKUTO Leaders

Chairman Wu and Chairman Zhou Haichang Exchange Souvenir                                                      Inspection Team Photo with Guoguang Leaders

Chairman Wu and Chairman Zhang Shuhua Exchange Souvenir                                                             Inspection Team Photo with Sihui Company Leaders

Chairman Wu and Chairman He Exchange Souvenir                                                                        Inspection Team Photo with Zhaoqing Company Leaders