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Outdoor Team Development Activities for New Employees from Bussiness Division of Tire Molds


In order to enable new employees to improve their quality faster and integrate into the company in the shortest time, on March 21st, Bussiness Division of Tire Molds held an outdoor team development activity to inspire new employees’ personal potential, what’s more, to exercise their personal will, while improving the overall quality of the staff team, enhance team cohesion and team coordination.

The address of this development activity was selected at the patriotic education base in Shantou: the Tropic of Cancer logo. In the form of a group match, there are four people in each group, and the activity centered around four games to develop. The games were both creative, and challenged the team members' ability of cooperation. After the start of the event, new employees were actively involved in the game, and there were two game sessions that impressed everyone.

One is the game to "pass the ball with a strap". This game requires everyone to line up and use a ball slot to drive the ball continuously until the ball safely reaches the designated place. Because it was the first game and everyone was unfamiliar with each other, they often made mistakes and often dropped the ball. After many times of running-in, it gradually came to the tacit understanding and was able to successfully complete the task. This game allows everyone to intuitively feel how important it is to have effective teamwork, cohesion, and self-control capabilities in the team. It also makes everyone understand that in order to accomplish common goals in the work, everyone needs to take on their responsibilities and do a good job, and keep pace with the team.

The second game that made us feel deeply is “Touching the stones and crossing the river”. Each team sent a contestant, he should stand on two yoga bricks on both feet, and not to touch the ground with hands and feet, and then to walk 20 meters away. At first, everyone thought that the game was nothing more than changing the position of the yoga brick every step of the way, and then went on to the next step. In this way, although everyone can move forward, they all go very slowly, and they often have feet touching the ground. Later, the manager Cai Dingbo reminded us that there is no need to stick to stereotypes, to develop thinking, and to think about whether there are faster or better ways. Finally, some employees took an innovative approach to complete the game: some were using bags to hold yoga bricks and feet and walking carry with bags; some were tied to feet with shoelaces; others were filled with yoga bricks in boxes and make it on the feet.

After the game, Mr. Cai gave us a summary and analyzed the major problems that emerged during the game: First of all, everyone did not hear the rules of the game and started, therefore, many mistakes occurred; Second, poor communication and insufficient teamwork skills delayed the team's time; what’s more, there is no summary of lessons learned after the game, so in the second game you still make the same mistake; the final is the lack of innovation. In fact, these problems often appear in our daily work, resulting in inefficiency or even mistakes. This requires us to strengthen our ability to cooperate and communicate, use innovative thinking, and use quality system management methods such as the Pegasus model, 5W1H, etc. to summarize the root causes of errors so as to prevent the recurrence of problems.

This development activity is based on experience-based enlightenment as a means of education, placing advanced teamwork spirit and correct working ideas in the game, instilling in the subconscious of each new employee, and applying it to future work. The outreach training has ended, but the new employees have only just begun their careers. We hope that the new employees will continue to improve themselves with movements on the big stage of Greatoo.