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On April 25th, Cai Chaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Nansha District Party Committee, led a party and government delegation from Nansha District of Guangzhou City to visit the Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Accompanied by Chen Xiaohua, the district head of the Huangpu District, they was warmly received by Zheng Xuxu, the president of our company, as well as Jiang Qiulin consultant, and Hong Runlong director.

President Zheng introduced that since its development, Greatoo has formed five major formats: radial tire molds, tire vulcanizers, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and pan-finance. In the development process, the company deeply embraces the concept of scientific and technological innovation and development, introduces world-leading source code technology, and solves the problems that currently restrict the development of control systems and precision manufacturing technologies for domestic robots and intelligent equipment. Among the several key components of the robot, Greatoo has made two major breakthroughs: RV reducer and robot controller. The small and exquisite body of the RV reducer contains high-precision technology, with the advantages of small backlash, high transmission accuracy, and smooth operation.

The delegation also visited the double-Delta robot coordination, laser cutting robots, articulated arm automated painting robots, tire flexible robotic handling robots, and polishing and grinding shared centers. President Zheng introduced that the polished sharing center of Greatoo adopts a popular sharing economy model, which shifts the purchase cost of polishing and grinding robots, CNC machine tools and other equipment from the production enterprises, enabling companies to enjoy the efficiency of smart equipment at a relatively low cost, with high quality, safety, and great social benefits. Cai expressed his deep interest and appreciation for the sharing mode of the Greatoo, encouraging the company to seize opportunities, innovate and develop, and promote industrial and efficiency upgrading.