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Climbing the Pinnacle of the Industry to Become the Pioneer of Smart Manufacturing in China


From March 29 to April 1, the 19th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition, which is the largest and most influential machinery exhibition in South China (referred to as "Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition") was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company has participated in exhibitions with four modules: a modular robotic spraying system, a machined flexible loading and unloading unit, a drilling and milling automation line, and an EDM automation unit. And it became the most beautiful landscape in Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition.

The modular intelligent robotic coating system immediately caught the visitor's attention as soon as it was exhibited. The system is characterized by precision, intelligence, humanization, and modularity. It can easily achieve coating with high quality, painting with high utilization, as well as reduced labor and pollution, and increased equipment availability. And it has won the favor of many guests. .

Drilling and milling automation line is also a hot spot in this exhibition. The automation line presented here is DEMO version, which consists of two ODG-V6 high-speed machining centers, two ODG-JLRB20 robots, one feeding conveyor line and one cutting conveyor line. material buffer, RFID system, and manual operation area. This line is mainly used for drilling, tapping, milling and other processing and manufacturing, to achieve automation of production process, improve equipment efficiency, concentrating workers' operating time, reduce labor intensity and increase labor efficiency.

Machined flexible loading and unloading units, EDM automation units have participated in many exhibitions on behalf of the company, they are also our company's main products. Processing flexible loading and unloading units is mainly to meet the customer's demand for customized production, as well as the requirements for differentiating processing requirements. It can be connected with any system machine tool, providing simple and fast loading and unloading services, applied to auto processing of auto parts, molds, 3C, military and other industries. EDM automation unit realizes two different clamping of electrodes and steel pieces through quick change clamps. On the other hand, the use of standard tooling trays facilitates the circulation of multi-step workpieces, and does help for customers to expand intelligent workshops later.

Outstanding products have attracted the attention of many visitors, and have further expanded our company's visibility and market influence. Although the Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition is over, the intelligent manufacturing of the Greatoo is still on the way. In the following days, we will adopt a more refined attitude, specialize in new technologies and new products, bravely climb the pinnacle of the industry, and lead China’s intelligent manufacturing, to achieve the goal of "Made in China 2025"!