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Greatoo Plays a Role in Jiangsu's High-End Manufacturing Industry at the Beginning of the New Year


At the beginning of the new year, Greatoo’s Bussiness Division of Robots stood out in the fierce competition, and obtained a large number of orders of conglomerate high standards of precision metal parts manufacturing plant in Yancheng city, Jiangsu province. The project requires "completed before the holiday and put into production after the holiday period." In the face of this arduous task, the relevant leaders of our company gathered backbone forces from Engineering Departments, Quality Assurance Departments, Production Departments and so on, to form a project team of more than 40 people to fully deploy and implement the tasks, and rushed to the project implementation site. The project team conducted command and layout tasks according to site conditions, and carried out works as soon as possible. During the period, the northern part of Jiangsu was rain and snow, and the temperature was below zero all day. Company project team encouraged each other, and overcame numerous difficulties. With the close cooperation and support from the leaders, customers and suppliers, the earlier work on assembly, power ventilation was completed earlier than expected. The good start was half of the success. Encouraged by the successful results of the first battle, during the key stages of project commissioning and trial production in the later stage, the team members made a great effort and cooperated with each other to form a powerful force that met the expectations of the smooth completion of the task. And finally, the project was put into production before the Spring Festival as scheduled.

After the Spring Festival, Wang Rongping, Party secretary of Yancheng City, Dai Yuan, the deputy secretary and other leaders of all levels, more than 300 people were accompanied by the leaders of our company to inspect the automation workshop. In the bright and spacious workshop, hundreds of ODG drilling and milling centers of Greatoo were processing mobile phone shells, cameras, medical equipment accessories and other products in an orderly manner. Under the command of the automation unit control system, ODG six-joint industrial robots were making loading and unloading services for drilling and milling machining centers. Wang and his party visited the robot controller, RV reducer and the lion dance robot which combined the Southern Lion culture. He stopped in front of each smart unit and communicated with our company staff, as well as listened to introduction of the project.

The local party and government leaders and customers highly praised the company's ability to complete project construction in a short period of time with high standards and high quality. At the same time, they placed high expectations on the transformation and upgrading of the Greatoo from "Made in China" to "smart manufacturing in China", and would like to join hands with Greatoo to promote the intelligent manufacturing industry of Yancheng.