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Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Chen Liangxian, Came to Visit Greatoo(Guangzhou)Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. with His Entourage

On February 28, Chen Liangxian, vice governor of Guangdong Province, Zhong Xuanhui, deputy secretary general of the provincial government, and Tu Gaokun, director of the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong Province, visited the Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., and they were warmly received by Wu Chaozhong, chairman of the Board, consultant Jiang Qiulin and director Hong Runlong.

It is reported that this is the first survey of Chen Liangxian, vice governor, after the Spring Festival. First of all, Chairman Wu gave greetings to the delegation for the New Year. After that, the delegation was led to visit the robot controller, RV reducer, dual DELTA robot synergy, robot polishing unit, high-speed engraving and milling machining centers and other high-end equipment. Wu introduced that, in the development process of robot, the company has not only completed research and development of the robot ontology, its three major core components are also in a leading position in the industry. The robot RV reducer developed independently by our company has now achieved mass production, its mechanical performance and technology enough to make comparisons with the world's top reducer. And in terms of appearance, the RV reducer of Greatoo is better.

Chairman Wu then introduced the global layout of the Greatoo and the application of its robots in major industries in various regions. For example, articulated arm teaching automated spraying robot has been put into use in sanitary ceramics and other industries, with its high uniformity and high-gloss; and robot polishing grinding unit is currently put into use in related industries, with its high stability, high pass rate, high precision, has significant social benefits, it will deal with the dust after polishing, to ensure that the process of pollution-free. Compared with the traditional manual grinding, robot polishing with high stability, high precision, and its product pass rate of nearly 100%.
Chen Liangxian, vice governor and other leaders listened attentively to the report of chairman Wu and highly appreciated the concentration of Greatoo and encouraged Greatoo to extend the industrial chain and start the robot automation and processing services together. Chairman Wu said the company has always insisted on concentration, from in-line radial tire molds, high-precision hydraulic tire curing machines, CNC machine tools to the industrial robots, the company learn from the top firms in the industry all the time. Manufacturing enterprises must have the determination and perseverance. They must have tenacity and focus so that they will not be affected by external forces. "Integrity is more important than cost, profit is more important than profit, value is more important than price, and public praise is more important than advertising." In today's society, the spirit of artisanism is strongly advocated. However, the precondition of artisan spirit is to establish an industrial awareness which requires the perseverance of the industrial spirit and the high level of personal fulfillment.
Chen Liangxian, vice governor and other leaders highly agreeed with the four "more important" proposals made by chairman Wu, expressed their admiration for the concentration of the Greatoo and expressed their appreciation for the industrial strength of the Greatoo, as well as wished the company achieve better results in a new round of development.