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Greatoo Participated in the 19th Dongguan International Exhibition on Mold, Metal Processing, Plastic and Packaging

From November 28 to December 1, our company participated in the 19th Dongguan International Exhibition on mold, metal processing, plastic and packaging ("DMP Exhibition") togetherwithother big enterprises in the intelligent machinery manufacturing.
Greatoo participated in this DMP exhibition with ODG-1060 high-speed machining center, ODG-V8 high-speed machining center, HSM600 high-speed machining center, GANTRY 450C precision CNC EDM machine, machining flexible feeding and unloading unit, backgammon, die-casting zinc alloy grinding and polishing unit other equipment.
Among them, ODG-1060 and ODG-V8 high-speed machining centers have participated in many exhibitions. The HSM600 high-speed machining center is the first time to participate in the show,and it can be widely used in drilling, tapping, carving and milling and other processing, with many strength such as fast, high precision, high quality, stable performance, low cost and so on, suitable for metal, aluminum, ceramics and other machining. It uses high rigidity gantry frame structure design, and its bed, column and other machine tools use advanced artificial stone materials, so it has excellent damping performance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, high corrosion resistance, and better mechanical properties. Its high thermal stability, high damping performance and high dynamic and static mechanical properties meet the requirements of high-speed precision and efficient processing.
Another highlight of this exhibition is GANTRY 450C precision CNC EDM machine. This machine is a new model developed by our company in cooperation with OPS-INGERSOLL for the Asian market. The new model meets the economic needs of customers, at the same time, to provide customers with advanced technology from Germany, mainly for processing a variety of high hardness materials (such as cemented carbide and hardened steel, etc.) and complex shapes molds, parts, as well as cutting, grooving and removing tools that break in the workpiece (such as drill bits and taps).
At this DMP exhibition, the smart devices of our company attracted the attention of the majority of the audience, the show was a complete success, which further strengthened our determination and confidence in the road to intelligent manufacturing. Under our efforts, the company will be able to innovate and develop continually, andmake another progress!