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Safety Accident Risk Analysis and Management Training

Security issues exist in various industries. Safety production is the lifeline and the eternal theme of our enterprise. Safety production not only affects the company's production efficiency and economic benefits, but also has a significant impact on our employees and their families. Therefore, the General Manager's Office of the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds recently organized a five-part training course on the theme of risk analysis and management of safety accidents. The training is prepared for all members of the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds. The purpose is to give every employee an alarm to realize the importance of safety.
The training lecturer is a member of the Training Team of the General Manager Office of the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds. And the training starts with the importance of safety training.From where the corporate stand, safety production is not only a matter involving the safety and life of workers, but also the survival, development and stability of enterprises, it needs a variety of measures and great attention. As the company's leader, but also a safety manager, we must first firmly establish the people-oriented thinking, attach great importance to safety. In addition to raising awareness, enhancing sense of responsibility and sense of mission, it is necessary to continuously enhance staff awareness of safety production, fundamentally mobilize the enthusiasm of employees to ensure safety, enhance the ideological quality of employees and eliminate the misunderstanding of all employees, pay attention to the safety education of employees, this can effectively prevent accidents.
From where employee stand, safety production is important to ourselves, our company and families, so we must follow the rules and regulations of production safety. Safety production is of great importance,and we must always be responsible for our own safety at all times. Do not always think that those safety helmets, safety shoes, safety glasses and other safety equipment is cumbersome, these are the tools to protect our body's safety.
Then, the tutor analyzed the statistical timeline of the safety incidents of our company this year to the trainees. The total number of our safety incidents has been decreasing year by year, but it has not yet been completely eliminated. Our goal is to work hard to achieve a safety zero accident. Subsequently, he combined with some accidents that occurred in our company in recent years to give us an analysis of the common 8 kinds of work-related accidents so that we may understand the accident cases and know what the common safety hazards are and remind us not to violate the safe operation. Finally, the instructor also gave an analysis of how to deal with an accident at work. The kind of treatment process is divided into minor injuries and serious injuries, and the processes are different. If an accident occurs, it is necessary to fill in a safety accident report, which includes: analyzing and summarizing the cause of the accident in depth to ensure that the accident will never happen again at source; implementing corrective measures according to the cause of the accident so as to ensure the safety of employees; investigating the responsibility of the corresponding responsible person, the purpose is to improve the safety awareness of the person responsible; the same time, we must also carry out publicity and education for the accident to avoid recurrence.
At the end of the training, we held a field test to learn everyone's mastery of this training content. The leaders of the company attach great importance to this safety training, which reflect that Greatoo think highly of life safety of staff. However, as the lecturer said: "Only you are the leader of life safety." It is true that our own life should be protected by ourselves and others can’t be responsible to you. Therefore, we must care for ourselves.
The safety management training really benefited people, I believe employees can understand the idea of leaders at all levels of the company. We must learn to protect ourselves for ourselves and our families. I hope that all of us will be able to achieve safe production.