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Passion Basketball Game Makes Distance Closer

On the afternoon of October 25, a fantastic basketball game was held at the basketball court in the factory of Greatoo on Longgang Road and two sides of the basketball game were the Greatoo team and the Labor Union team. As we can see, the basketball game was began when the referee blew his whistle, and it emphasizes friendship more than competition.
From the beginning of the first section of the competition, the Labor Union team performed well, and the number six player had a beautiful shoot, and won the game in the beginning with two score. And then, the Greatoo team gave a counterattack, and the number eighteen player immediately got a 3 points ball after that, which makes the game very intense. In the first section of the game, the Labor Union team is ahead of the Greatoo team with the result of 25:22. At the beginning of the second quarter, under the leadership of Captain Liu, the Greatoo team got 10 score in succession and make the teammates excited, and finally won the first half with the result of 50:42. The second half is even more exciting. All players in the field were fiercely grabbing the ball, dribbling agilely, cleverly passing the ball, shooting beautifully, making their superb efforts and cooperating with their teammates well, and all of them are excellent. Audience burst into applause for the players. In this competition, the Labor Union team had a lot of preparation, at the same time, and players are taller and cooperate better. Although the Greatoo team also worked very hard, eventually, the Labor Union team won the game with the result of 100:92.
After the game, the two sides shook hands friendly to say good-bye, encouraged each other and agreed on the next battle, demonstrating the spirit of friendship first. The basketball match not only enriched the amateur life of employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the majority of employees to participate in sports. It embodies the spirit of enterprise that our company always advocates and focuses on cultivating the overall quality of employees. At the same time, it also enhances the friendship among employees and cultivates the spirit of unity and cooperation.
In the future, the company will continue to organize a variety of cultural and sports activities to enrich the staff's style of life, to promote the physical and mental health of employees, and further enhance the company's corporate culture.