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Organize Centralized Vaccination, and Build Epidemic Prevention and Control Barriers


The coronavirus vaccine is an important means of preventing and controlling the risk of coronavirus infection. Through the orderly implementation of vaccination and the establishment of a herd immune barrier, the spread of the epidemic can be effectively blocked. At the time when the coronavirus outbreak is severe, in order to reduce the risk of employee infection in an all-round way, Greatoo has fully launched the centralized vaccination of coronavirus for employees based on local and corporate realities. The Zhanqian Road plant has set up a centralized vaccination site to carry out the first and second shots of the coronavirus vaccine for all employees of the company.

With the popularization of the concept of vaccination, since June, a lack of vaccines occurred at all vaccination sites. Those who have not yet been vaccinated, especially the employees of enterprises who are affected by busy work, long queues, unavailable appointments, etc, are inevitably panic. Restricted by the above factors, it is often impossible for timely vaccination. In response, the company’s administrative center took the initiative to connect with the local epidemic prevention department, contact and coordinate relevant hospitals to come to the company to set up a centralized vaccination site. At the same time, we did a good job of publicity and notification within the company, popularized health and epidemic prevention knowledge through various forms, and enhanced employees' epidemic prevention work. We released a questionnaire on the smart APP of Greatoo in advance, so as to check the employees’ willingness of vaccinating, sort out the number of vaccinations, formulate a centralized vaccination plan, strengthen responsibility, and ensure that “Those who should be vaccinated gets vaccinated” to guarantee both production and epidemic prevention.

On the morning of the vaccination day, medical staff from Quxi Hospital, volunteers and staff from the company, came to the vaccination site (The third floor of the canteen building) early in the morning. The site had been divided into a waiting area, registration area, vaccination area, and vaccination area in advance as required. Observation areas, emergency response areas, etc., were clearly marked with large background posters, stands, etc., and the queue area was cordoned. There were staff at every corner ready to give guidance at any time. Twenty medical personnel were quickly in place according to their respective divisions of labor, putting into vaccination preparation work in an orderly manner.

The vaccination work lasted from 8 am to 2 pm. The employees of the company came in batches according to the department. Everyone lined up to fill in the form and register according to the safety distance. After the vaccination, they went to the observation area to rest under the guidance of the staff. The scene was tense but orderly. Due to the large number of employees who came to vaccinate, the waiting area was set up on the second floor of the canteen, in order to prevent and control the epidemic. At the same time, masks, hand sanitizers and other epidemic prevention materials were prepared on the spot. The staff shuttled among the crowd, who kept reminding everyone to wear masks correctly, while some demonstrated how to show the Yuekang code, and some helped some older logistics employees fill out forms. In the vaccination area, the staff not only guided the employees in orderly vaccinations, but also supervised everyone stay on site for half an hour after vaccination to prevent adverse reactions and promptly detect and deal with them.

The employees who participated in the vaccination spontaneously took photos and sent Wechat Moments Friend Circle to express their gratitude to the company for their reasonable arrangements, which saved themselves the trouble of going to the hospital in long lines. At the same time, they called on relatives and friends to actively vaccinate, which won unanimous praise from the group of relatives and friends. According to statistics, a total of 1,804 people were vaccinated twice on June 5 and June 26. Combined with the results of the previous vaccination survey and some employees who went to the hospital for vaccination by themselves, the vaccination rate of employees at the company headquarters basically achieved 100% coverage. It guarantees the life safety and physical health of the company's employees, and assumes the company's due responsibilities for accelerating the establishment of a universal immune barrier.