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Greatoo Held the 2020 Online Performance Briefing Meeting


Createtime: 2021-04-15

In order to strengthen communication with investors, let investors have an in-depth understanding of the business performance and industrial development of Greatoo. On April 15, the company held the 2020 annual performance briefing meeting through the Panorama Network platform. The company’s president, Mr. Zheng Xuxu, the secretary of the board of directors, Mr. Wu Hao, the chief financial officer, Mr. Lin Ruibo, and the independent director, Mr. Zheng Jinghua attended the meeting and responded to investors’ concerns.

At the briefing meeting, the company focused on serious answers to the issues concerning business development, cooperation in important projects, and stock price fluctuations that investors were more concerned about. Zheng Xuxu, director and general manager of the company, revealed that the company currently has sufficient orders and some products have been filled throughout the year. The company’s director and secretary of the board of directors Wu Hao said that the company’s Industry 4.0 base is an important platform for the company’s strategic industrial development. Some of the completed parts have been developed for the development of key components and complete sets of industrial robots, as well as related industrialization. The construction of the base is now entering a new stage, increase investment and construction, and become an industrial base for the company's high-quality development in the future. Lin Ruibo, director and chief financial officer of the company, explained to investors the reasons for the decrease in the company’s revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020: mainly due to the obstruction of export logistics, some products could not be exported, and some products exported by customers were affected. With the ease of the epidemic, this part of the product will gradually be digested.

The management of the company thanks investors for their long-term attention and support to the company, and also attaches great importance to the valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by investors. Through the interactive platform of Panoramic Investor Relations, this conference allowed investors to have close communication with the company's management through text interaction, and have a more comprehensive understanding of the operation of Greatoo. In the future, the company will seize the market opportunities brought by the "new development pattern with domestic and international cycles as the main body and mutual promotion of domestic and international cycles" to improve the company's profitability; further strengthen value mining and promotion, and enhance the market in multiple dimensions image and brand value, and strive to repay shareholders with better business performance.