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Greatoo Is Selected as the First Batch of Guangdong Province's Smart Manufacturing Ecological Partners


Createtime: 2021-04-09

On April 9, the launch meeting for the implementation of the Guangdong Smart Manufacturing Ecological Partner Action Plan was held in Zhongshan City. The list of the first batch of Guangdong Smart Manufacturing Ecological Partners was announced at the meeting. As the first batch of robotic backbone enterprises in Guangdong Province, Greatoo was successfully selected in this list and became the first batch of intelligent ecological partner enterprises in Guangdong Province.

It is understood that in order to implement the "Guangdong Province Smart Manufacturing Ecological Partner Action Plan (2021)" and create a good smart manufacturing ecological environment, the Department of Industry and Information Technologyof Guangdong Provincial launched the declare work of Guangdong Province Smart Manufacturing Ecological Partner’s plan in December 2020. After enterprise declaration, prefecture and city recommendation, expert reviewand publicity procedures, the list of Guangdong Province’s smart manufacturing ecological partners has been determined. The list is a collection of resources for Guangdong’s strategic pillar industrial clusters and strategic emerging industry clusters to improve the level of smart manufacturing. Units that require various element resources mainly cover (but are not limited to) eight areas: intelligent manufacturing equipment, key software, information network infrastructure, intelligent manufacturing system solutions, industry organizations, intelligent manufacturing talents, Intelligent manufacturing financial service field, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration field.

According to Ye Yuanling, the second-level inspector of the Department of Industry and Information Technologyof Guangdong Provincial, the implementation of the Guangdong Province Intelligent Manufacturing Ecological Partnership Program aims to extensively gather high-quality intelligent manufacturing core elements such as intelligent equipment, software, talents, finance, and industry organizations, and to give full play to the respective advantages of the government and the market, build an ecosystem with complete elements and mutual empowerment, and upgrade the promotion method from the demonstration and promotion of intelligent manufacturing to the establishment of ecological partnerships in various fields.He said that the transformation of policy measures in the field of intelligent manufacturing from financial measures to the provision of comprehensive resource element support is a policy innovation measure of Guangdong Province under the new development pattern of "dual cycles".

Greatoo will use this as an opportunity to continue to deepen the field of smart manufacturing equipment, help the government build a public service platform for smart manufacturing, promote the penetration of smart manufacturing in subdivided industries, and promote the high-quality development of strategic industrial clusters.