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Sun Zhiyang, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, and His Entourage Visited Greatoo


Createtime: 2021-04-13

On the afternoon of April 13, Sun Zhiyang, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, and his entouragecame to Greatoo for a visit and guidance, and were warmly received by the chairman of our company, Wu Chaozhong.

The guests and the host visited our company’s four major production and display workshops, and intuitively understood our company’s product development, production and sales, application areas, etc. During the visit, Chairman Wu reported to the company’s development and business conditions to leaders such as Vice Governor Sun. Greatoo has moved from stand-alone manufacturing to automated manufacturing and flexible manufacturing. Through the internal MBS enterprise management system interconnection, production efficiency and production effects have been greatly improved; the company’s self-developed enterprise-level digital manufacturing operation system realizes product manufacturing informatization, visualization and modularization of production data, the overall operation process, which can save enterprise operating costs and improve stability and security.

Vice Governor Sun listened carefully to the report and communicated with Chairman Wu. Vice Governor Sun expressed his deep expectations for Greatoo, and for the company’s products covering high-speed engraving and milling machining centers, high-speed precision fine and deep hole processing machines, automatic soft board laminating machines, smart tire vulcanization automation lines, and smart cold chain logistics. He appreciates the breakthrough progress made in the field of intelligent equipment in high-end industries such as systems, which can be widely used in aerospace, auto parts, medical equipment, and electronic products; He agrees with Greatoo’s business philosophy of "Technological Innovation, Leading the Future" over the years; at the same time, he points out that technological innovation is often not the only factor that determines competitiveness. It must be integrated with the market to clarify the needs of customers and the market; Products must be innovated and services must be innovated at the same time. Enterprises are encouraged to adopt a development model that combines "technology + market" and transform technology into commodities with powerful management methods. He hopes that traditional industrial products such as Greatoo tire molds and hydraulic vulcanizing presses can achieve higher quality development and firmly occupy the status of domestic industry giants; he hopes that new industries such as Greatoo robots and processing centers can enter the market as soon as possible and occupy a leading position in the industry.