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Greatoo Held the 2019-2020 Annual Scientific and Technological Progress Commendation Conference


Createtime: 2021-04-01

On the afternoon of April 1, the company solemnly held the "2019-2020 Scientific and Technological Progress Commendation Conference" at the Longgang Road plant to commend the teams and individuals that have won national intellectual property projects, scientific and technological achievements awards at all levels, and the company's scientific and technological progress awards.

At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, along with the passionate singing of Greatoo 's image song "Strengthen the Strongest", the company's middle and high-level leaders, representatives of various departments and offices and commended representatives attended the scene one after another. Chairman Wu Chaozhong, Director Li Lixuan, Director/CFO Lin Ruibo, Director/Secretary to the Board Wu Hao, and Executive Vice President Chen Zhiyong attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the host read the company documents: "Decision on Recognizing the 2019-2020 Science and Technology Progress Award, Science and Technology Achievement Award and National Intellectual Property Award and other projects", and grand commendation will be given to the teams and individuals who have won national intellectual property projects, scientific and technological achievements awards at all levels, and company scientific and technological progress awards in 2019-2020!

Then the conference entered the awards session. In the exciting background music, the award-receiving representatives stepped up on the podium with vigor and confidence. The leaders of the podium were awarded the first, second and third prizes of the company's scientific and technological progress award in 2019-2020, award-winning representatives who have obtained national intellectual property authorization projects in 2019-2020 and outstanding scientific and technological achievements in 2019-2020 will be awarded trophies and certificates. No hard work, no gain, the honor is hard-won, we sincerely congratulate the winners, and hope that the winners will make further progress; we also hope that all employees will learn from the winners, study hard, and dare to innovate, and work together for the company's scientific and technological progress.

After the awards, Huang Tengguang, an engineer from the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds, and Li Xiaobin, an engineer from the Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery, respectively delivered speeches on the award. They talked about their own thoughts and experiences, and shared some experience in work and life: they believe that they must be brave to take on important tasks at work, be courageous and meticulous, have goals and plans, have the ability to execute and know how to be flexible; They suggested that all employees of the company should pay attention to their physical fitness, strengthen daily exercise, release work pressure during exercise, stimulate work inspiration, and achieve double benefits; they all have a grateful heart, saying that the honor should belong to the collective, and the collective has given themselves work platform and learning opportunities; said that honor will be turned into motivation, and the enthusiasm for work will be as always and dedicated.

Finally, entrusted by the board of directors, director Wu Hao delivered a speech, and he first congratulated the winning representatives. The past 2020 was not an easy year, and the company's scientific and technological work still achieved fruitful results. I would like to express my gratitude to every scientific and technological worker for their hard work. Technology is the core competitiveness of the company's survival and development, and it is also an important source of the company's leap-forward development. In recent years, the company has once again won the first prize of Guangdong Science and Technology Award and the first prize of multiple industry science and technology awards. As the main drafter, we presided over a number of national technology and industry standards and promulgated and implemented them, and obtained dozens of national patents, PCT patents and Software copyright, but for a national-level high-tech enterprise like Greatoo, the intensity of technological innovation still needs to be strengthened. In 2021, I hope that all scientific research workers and front-line personnel of the company will vigorously promote the engineering culture and craftsmanship, promote high-tech positions, raise innovation standards, and move forward on the new journey of R&D and innovation, and help Greatoo set sail and break the waves!

The conference was successfully completed amidst enthusiastic applause. Science and technology are the dominant force that promotes the economic growth of modern enterprises, and its rapid changes have intensified market competitiveness. The pace of Greatoo technology innovation will never stop, let us all join the innovation team, everyone will strive to be practitioners of technological innovation, and jointly build the Greatoo of science and technology, and realize the dream of a hundred years of Greatoo!