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Greatoo Successfully Passed the Supervision and Review of the Integration of Industrialization and Informationization Management Systems


Under the background of the new crown epidemic, some working methods and models that sounded a little strange in the past, such as high-precision positioning + QR code punch-in, customer remote video review, supplier video conferencing, and remote training guidance, have been normalized in our company with high-efficiency development, the role of informatization has become more prominent.

In order to make informatization work better serve the company's development strategy, improve the company's management and operation level and execution, as well as create the company's sustainable competitive advantage, from September 28th to 30th, the company carried out the annual supervision and review of the integration of industrialization and informationization management system as scheduled. During the three-day intensive review work, the audit experts of the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology verified and checked our company’s new capabilities and implementation plans by browsing documents and on-site visits, focusing on the evaluation and diagnosis of the actual operation of the system in our company. During the on-site visit, the evaluation experts listened carefully to our company’s introduction of the highlights of the integration of industrialization and informationization this year: First, the management of digital transformation, represented by high-precision positioning + QR code punching and instead of traditional fingerprint punching. Effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic, and completely solve the shortcomings of fuzzy fingerprints, more people and fewer machines, queuing during peak hours, and inability to punch cards in cross-regional offices; second, implement the digital transformation of production equipment on the cloud. The production equipment on cloud can grasp the equipment operation status in real time, improve the timeliness and utilization of equipment maintenance, and the recently launched forklift positioning quantitative management module, the driver needs to scan the QR code to verify before using the forklift, and the information of the forklift during driving, driving routes, etc. will be recorded. In addition, information such as the number of kilometers used is immediately calculated when returning, which avoids the shortcomings of the previous forklift management. At the final meeting of the audit, the audit teacher affirmed the efforts and achievements made by Greatoo in the six years since the implementation of the system and put forward constructive opinions, hoping to make further progress in the future.

The staff showed the company's information application examples to the inspector

Greatoo has always attached great importance to the construction of the integrated management system of industrialization and informationization. Since the beginning of this year, it has released multiple system knowledge publicity posters to continuously optimize the function expansion and user experience of Greatoo Smart-APP, and use ERP system, production data collection system, equipment management system, etc. to promote the informatization level and production capacity of Greatoo, strive to improve product quality, delivery time and per capita output value, promote collaboration and office efficiency among various departments and employees of the company, and help create a new model of informatized intelligent manufacturing.