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Li Xinquan, Deputy Director of the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province, and His Entourage Visited Greatoo for Investigation


Createtime: 2020-09-10

On September 10th, Li Xinquan, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, and his entourage visited Greatoo for investigation, and were warmly received by the company's chairman Wu Chaozhong and general manager He Jinbin.

Under the leadership of chairman Wu, director Li and his entourage visited our tire molds, hydraulic vulcanizers, industrial robots and other business production workshops. Then the host and the guest held a discussion in the conference room of the Zhanqian Road factory area. Chairman Wu reported to the guests on the company's employment and talent team building, and combined with the actual situation of the company, put forward opinions and suggestions on the government's policy of benefiting talents.

Director Li said that the purpose of this investigation is to understand the true operating conditions of enterprises and to collect actual employment data of enterprises, so that the human resources and social departments can introduce relevant policies to benefit enterprises and people, in order to help enterprises stabilize jobs and further absorb high-level talents to provide solid backing.