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The Results of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's 2019 Information Disclosure Assessment are Released and Greatoo won the Highest Grade


Createtime: 2020-09-05

Recently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange completed the assessment of the information disclosure of listed companies in 2019. Greatoo Intelligent Equipment INC. (stock abbreviation: Greatoo, stock code: 002031) won the highest level of A-level evaluation (excellent) for its information disclosure in 2019. The regulatory agencies fully affirmed the company’s information disclosure quality and standardized operation level, which is also a reflection of the board of directors’ strengthening of corporate governance, standardized information disclosure and investor relationship management. The assessment of the disclosure quality of listed companies is conducted by the exchange every year, mainly based on the quality of information disclosure of listed companies, combined with factors such as the standard operation level of listed companies and the degree of protection of investors’ rights and interests, and is divided into four categories from high to low. According to the 2019 assessment results issued by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, among the 2196 listed companies in Shenzhen, 387 companies with an assessment result of A, accounting for 17.62%; 1400 companies in B, accounting for 63.75%; 314 companies in C, accounting for 14.30%; 95 companies in D, accounting for 4.33%.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has recently issued a newly revised "Measures for the Assessment of Information Disclosure Work for Listed Companies". In the future, it will focus on improving the quality of information disclosure, and deepen classified supervision as the guidance, combining the implementation effects of the existing system and the new changes in the market situation, so as to optimize and improve the three aspects of information disclosure evaluation method, evaluation content and result use, and further improve the transparency and effectiveness of the evaluation mechanism. For companies with an assessment result of A, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange will provide convenient services for equity, bond financing and other businesses in accordance with laws and regulations within the scope of audit duties undertaken by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; provide targeted training at the request of listed companies; invite company executives to serve as training lecturers, and promote standardized operation experience to the market; give priority to recommending company senior executives as members of relevant professional committees, etc.

Greatoo will continue to do a good job in information disclosure work, continuously improve the level of standard operation, consistently adhere to corporate values and concepts, and pursue the five-in-one common development of society, customers, enterprises, shareholders and employees. At the same time, we will conscientiously implement the requirements of the new securities law, deliver the company's value with high-quality information disclosure, and establish a good image in the capital market!