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Greatoo Helps Employees' Children Enroll in School


In ancient times, "Mencius' mother moved three times" to create a better environment for children to grow up. Today, "No matter how hard it is, no child can suffer, and no matter how poor it is, no education is poor." This is a true portrayal of parents attaching importance to children's education. Education is a hot topic and an unchanging topic, especially traditional school education is more important to parents, which makes the degree competition in public schools extremely fierce. This year, due to insufficient school teaching venues, school withdrawals and mergers, increased occupancy rates of buildings around schools, school-age children increased, and the influx of rural children into urban areas to compete for high-quality degrees, degrees are unprecedented tension.

In the face of many disadvantages, in order to meet the demands of the company’s key backbones and outstanding employees’ children to enroll in high-quality teaching units, such as Jiedong No. 1 Primary School, Jiedong No. 2 Primary School, Jiedong No. 5 Primary School, Jiedong No. 7 Primary School, and public kindergartens, the company’s leaders fully mobilized all resources, make good use of the talent policy, eliminate difficulties, and try to create more high-quality degree benefits for the next generation of employees. The implementation of this work this year started in mid-June: Externally, with the efforts of the company’s board of directors and the strong support of the Jiedong District Government and the Education Bureau, the business managers have repeatedly communicated and coordinated with the district’s kindergartens and primary schools to strive for degrees. At the same time, using the preferential treatment policy for high-level innovative talents of outstanding enterprises, we can obtain some high-quality degrees of Jiedong No. 1 Primary School and Jiedong No. 1 Junior High School for the children of employees. Internally, we started to conduct a survey on the "employee's children's enrollment needs" for the entire company to fully and timely understand the company's employees' demand for high-quality degrees. Under the premise of clarifying the degree of tightness, we will adhere to the principle of fairness and justice, and take the maximum scope as the starting point for employees to solve practical difficulties, take into account the demands of various business units, subsidiaries, and centers, allocate shares reasonably, combine the points system, and strive to coordinate and strive for resources to help all employees' children successfully enroll in school.

On the morning of August 19, we spent about half an hour to complete the enrollment work of Jiedong No. 2 Primary School; on the afternoon of the 20th, we spent about two hours to complete the enrollment work of Jiedong No. 1 Primary School... On the morning of August 26, the completion of the enrollment of the last employee’s child at the Jiedong No. 7 Primary School signifies that after more than two months of hard work, the implementation of a high-quality degree has been successfully completed. The 40 employees’ children have successfully completed the enrollment process, parents and staff were relieved. This year's degree coordination work has three major points: Firstly, plan ahead, prepare adequately, and work in an orderly manner. For example, release information in advance to collect the degree needs of employees' children and the degree situation of the school district so that the assignment can be carried out smoothly; assist employees to prepare for admission in advance, such as the information required for registration, the enrollment process, etc., which make the enrollment work short and orderly. Secondly, the work process has become simpler and more effective. In previous years, the employee's social security statement needed to go to the city and the district each department. Simply providing the social security statement was a waste of a lot of time and resources. This year, only one department needs to handle it. Only one picture for the information and work process required for enrollment allows employees to understand at a glance. At the same time, the enrollment time will be shortened and more efficient in the future. Thirdly, limited resources can be used unlimitedly through hard work.

Educational resources are one of the most intense and competitive resources today. During the waiting period of the registration process, the staff learned from the exchanges between employees that some employees have registered permanent residence in other places, but they actually live near the company. If they belong to the registered permanent residence, they have to send their children back to their hometown to study, but there is no people to take care of children; some parents both have to work, and the family lacks parental care, and the children cannot be transported to and from school, so they can only be safe when they enroll in a primary school closer to home; some came to the company from other places to join the company, in order to take care of the children's diet and daily life, they also need to transfer to the primary school near the company. After such difficulties were resolved, the employee said: "I have been hanging on for a long time, and finally I take it easy. Thanks to the company’s help to solve the children’s degree, this is really a great benefit. Some friends in other companies are still worrying about their children's degree. I don't know how much they envy us. " When the enrollment was completed, the joy of the employees was beyond words.

Assisting employees' children's enrollment activities highlighted the corporate culture image of Greatoo's "people-oriented" and co-creating a "happy family" for employees, and has won unanimous praise from both inside and outside the company. Giving roses to others and leaving lingering fragrance in your hands. This measure enhanced the well-being of Greatoo staffs and also made them more at ease in their work.