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Greatoo Pays Attention to Social Welfare and Helps Employees


According to statistics, about one in every 600 newborns in China is born with cleft lip, cleft palate, or both. For those children in remote or poor areas, their families are often unable to afford the cost of treatment, and the children gradually start to bear the dual pressure of psychology and social intercourse when they grow up. In order to help the rabbit lips children of poor families and let the children smile again, on the occasion of the Labour Day, our Staff Help Center launched the "Smile Fund • Let the Children Smile Again" theme promotion campaign, which aims to maximize the content of the event to spread help information to poor families who really need it.

This help activity is sponsored by Shenzhen Chaoqing Entrepreneurship Promotion Association, and the main targets of this assistance are the 0-15 years old children with rabbit lips of poor families in Shantou, Jieyang, Shanwei, Meizhou, Tibet, Heyuan, Chaozhou, etc., and our company is mainly responsible for the public welfare information promotion in Jieyang area. And as we can see, Greatoo spreads information such as registration and consultation methods to the masses by pasting posters in the factory area.

Since its establishment, the Staff Help Center has been going deep among employees, trying to solve their difficulties. In the future, the Staff Help Center will also strengthen its focus on social welfare, expand support work from enterprises to society, strive to fulfill social responsibilities, and send happiness and warmth to those in need.

Warm reminder: If employees need charity assistance in a specific direction, you can contact the relevant organizations through the Staff Help Center and the staff will try their best to help you.