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Mask Automatic Production Line Project of Greatoo Passed Appraisal


On May 14th, the two projects of the "smart self-identifying mask automatic production line" and "KN95 mask automatic production line" completed by Greatoo passed the new product identification organized by the Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society. After evaluation, the participating experts believed that the new product of the project met the relevant standard requirements of the GDMES "Automatic Mask" group standard and other standards. The products have been put on the market in batches, with significant economic and social benefits, and the overall technology of the project results has reached the advanced level at home and abroad!

The expert group has listened to the work report of the person in charge of the two products of "smart self-identifying mask automatic production line" and "KN95 mask automatic production line" with regard to product development background, innovative technology, test report status, economic and social benefits.

Subsequently, the expert group discussed and judged the identification materials submitted by the project team. During the meeting, the participating experts expressed great interest in the "self-identification" function of the product, and raised professional questions about the current situation of the mask machine in production around this feature. The project team members responded to the questions raised by the experts, at the same time, said that in the following project work, they will digest the forward-looking opinions put forward by experts and further improve the products.

In response to the increasing demand for mask production lines, the company aimed at the requirements of application fields, fully exploited the advantages of automation equipment research and development, increased R&D productivity, and used the original leading reducers and controllers to carry out special research and design work on mask automation production lines. In addition to making a correct prediction of the market, the company needs to have a solid technical and production foundation, respond quickly to the market and the epidemic, and convene human, material and financial resources in a short period of time to promote this success. At present, the process route, machine structure, shape design, key parts and performance parameters, are all reasonable and practical. Especially in the fully automatic production line of intelligent self-identifying masks, the technical team joins the visual inspection machine to automatically detect product defects, to ensure product qualification rate, and the design won the praise of the expert group.

The two products passed the appraisal of new products this time, marking the company's scientific research achievements, technological innovation, and manufacturing level have taken a big step forward. In addition to technological innovations and breakthroughs and remarkable economic benefits, the two products are of great social significance. In early 2020, a new coronary pneumonia epidemic suddenly broke out. On January 23, Guangdong Province officially launched a first-level response to major public health emergencies. With the continuous development of the epidemic situation, the demand for protective clothing and masks has increased sharply. In the face of the shortage of various protective equipment and special production equipment during the Spring Festival holiday, and in response to the government's deployment and requirements of anti-epidemic measures, Greatoo relies on its own R&D technology and manufacturing advantages in the direction of non-standard customized equipment, actively assumes the corporate social responsibility, actively responds to the national call, fully cooperates with the deployment of local government epidemic prevention and control materials production, and contributes to  the fight against the epidemic.