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Greatoo Participated in the 2020 Collective Reception Day for Investors of Listed Companies in Guangdong Province


In order to promote listed companies to do a good job in investor relations management under the new "Securities Law", combined with the "5.15 National Investor Protection Promotion Day" activity of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the "honest and trustworthy, do respected listed company" investor protection special action, Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau and the Guangdong Listed Companies Association launched the "Guangdong Listed Companies Investors Collective Reception Day 2020" activity on May 18.

Greatoo attached great importance to this event, and the Enterprise Management Center made full preparations in advance as required, and organized company executives to watch the speech of deputy director Nie Wangbiao of the Guangdong Securities Regulatory Bureau, and participated in investor relationship management, information disclosure, standard operation and other special training under the new "Securities Law". Company director and president Zheng Xuxu, director and board secretary Wu Hao, aa well as director and chief financial officer Lin Ruibo communicated with the investors through the online roadshow hall on the company's development strategy, operating status, corporate governance and other aspects to enhance investors’ understanding of the company.

Greatoo always attaches great importance to investor relationship management and is committed to building a long-term, stable and good relationship between the company and investors. In the next step, the company will implement the new "Securities Law", effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors, maintain multi-channel interactive communication with investors in an all-round manner, and strive to become a respected listed company with shareholders in mind.