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Yang Shuming, Deputy Director of Shantou Customs, Came to Visit Greatoo


On the afternoon of May 13, Yang Shuming, the deputy director of Shantou Customs, and his entourage came to visit Greatoo, accompanied by Ma Zhaoliang, the director of Jieyang Customs. They were warmly received by our Chairman Wu Chaozhong.

It is understood that Yang mainly investigated the production and operation of the enterprise, the scale and products of the factory, and the foreign trade situation. Accompanied by chairman Wu, the guests visited the company's four major equipment industry production sites and exhibition halls in turn. Chairman Wu gave a brief introduction to Yang on the development of product foreign trade situation: the current epidemic is still spreading around the world. In the face of heavy pressure at home and abroad, the company has taken a number of positive measures to actively respond, and also hopes that the customs will give more support. Yang listened carefully to the report and said that he will faithfully reflect the current problems and difficulties facing the enterprise, strive to work in the customs, and increase support and assistance to foreign trade enterprises.

We firmly believe that the concerted efforts of government and enterprises and mutual help will definitely overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic and win this war of economic defense.