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The Research Team of Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security Came to Inspect Greatoo

On March 17, Lin Jingqing, deputy inspector of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, led a team to Jieyang City to carry out the "three deliveries" activity (send policy, funds, and technicians), to support enterprises to resume production. Under the leadership of Zhu Wentao, deputy director of the Jieyang Municipal Department of Human Resources and Social Security, they visited Greatoo, and were warmly received by our company chairman Wu Chaozhong, and vice president, Wu Yingxiong.
At the survey symposium, vice inspector Lin Jingqing and other leaders listened to our company's vice president Wu Yingxiong's report on the company's employment situation during the epidemic situation. Vice president Wu briefed the research team on our epidemic prevention and control work, and the current employment difficulties encountered by the company, including the difficulty of returning employees to the post from the epidemic area, the high cost of epidemic prevention and control management, the difficulty in purchasing safety protection materials and the implementation of the recruitment plan is blocked. In response to the "delivery policies, funds, and technicians" activities supported by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, he put forward opinions and suggestions based on the actual situation of the company’s operation and management. It is hoped that relevant departments will provide support for raising the fund subsidy standard, lowering the social security payment requirements for enjoying the policy, and granting school-enterprise cooperation funding subsidies, etc., to further support enterprises in resuming production.
The research team carefully listened to the report and affirmed the effective measures taken by our company during the epidemic situation, saying that they will seriously study the needs raised by the enterprise, including Wu pointed out in the exchange, the impact of the epidemic situation on manufacturing enterprises. And it is recommended to target companies with high impact on the epidemic, large economic losses, and good development potential in manufacturing industries, such as high-tech enterprises, brand enterprises, industry leaders, and technology innovation demonstration enterprises, to implement "one enterprise, one strategy" for precise support.
It is understood that the "three deliveries" activity of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security is an activity of helping enterprises and stabilizing positions under the unified leadership of the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It aims to support enterprises to overcome difficulties, comprehensively promote the resumption of production, and serve the steady and healthy development of the economy and society. Chairman Wu said that the Human Resources and Social Security Department issued policies to reduce and exempt corporate social insurance premiums, implement unemployment insurance for job stabilization and repatriation support, as well as post-training subsidies, to help companies reduce costs, solve difficulties in employment and capital, and effectively reduce the burden of the enterprise, which has boosted the confidence and motivation of the enterprise development. Under the guidance of the government, Greatoo will fight the epidemic situation and do its best to resume production.