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2020 Major R & D Project Review Meeting of Greatoo

On March 27, the members of the Technical Committee of the National Technology Center held a review meeting of the company's major R & D projects in 2020 at the Longgang Road plant to discuss the company's major R & D projects in 2020. As of March 27, the Technical Committee received 15 applications for major R & D projects from various business departments and subsidiaries, covering the first set of R & D, new structural innovation, advanced technology research and development, and solving customer pain points, including:
There are 4 projects to be established in the Bussiness Division of Tire Molds. The main research direction of the project is the development of new tire mold production equipment and the development of heavy-duty worktables. It is expected that after successful research and development, the tire mold processing schedule and processing efficiency will be greatly improved, and it can meet the special processing requirements of giant engineering tire molds.
6 projects planned by the Bussiness Division of Rubber Manufacturing Machinery. Among them, the number of first set of R & D is 2, projects of solving customer pain points is 2, structural improvement is 1, and set of control technology is 1, some projects are urgent and forward-looking. Among them, the first set of research and development projects have signed contracts with customers, and after research and development, it can be applied to customers with good market effect.
What’s more, there are 4 projects to be established by Greatoo (Guangzhou). The content includes robot polishing, flexible circuit board automatic laminating machine, industrial internet digital twin technology research and platform development, etc., carrying out robot application research, cooperating with the Vulcanizer Business Department and developing related applications in the vulcanizer project.
After review by all members, 14 major R & D projects were approved in 2020, and the plan was submitted to the board of directors for approval and implementation. The meeting also discussed the principles of the use of R & D funds by the National Technology Center, and discussed equipment and technologies for agricultural automation.
As a national technological innovation demonstration enterprise and a national key high-tech enterprise, Greatoo adheres to the original intention of "paying great attention of science and technology ", building a national enterprise technology center, post-doctoral research workstation, Guangdong enterprise key laboratory, Guangdong engineering laboratory, etc., establishing technical innovation guarantee measures such as management measures for major R & D projects, regulations for reform and rationalization proposals, regulations for the implementation of scientific and technological achievements / technological progress awards, encourage employees to be brave to explore, actively innovate and create, and jointly create an innovation atmosphere for all employees.